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#1 Posted : Thursday, November 19, 2020 3:43:09 PM(UTC)
I don't know if the Back Compat team is already working on something specific for this game, but I'm guessing Horizon 3 still has a decently large player base and might be worth patching to 60fps.
I would greatly appreciate having that option on console instead of trying to play on PC where it still crashes regularly.
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#2 Posted : Thursday, November 19, 2020 4:20:59 PM(UTC)
Yeah, I think the same. No info yet. It's sad. Maybe the second studio is working on it already. Probably not...
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#3 Posted : Saturday, November 21, 2020 12:18:49 PM(UTC)
This so needs to happen. I've thoroughly enjoyed every Horizon game since the very first, however Horizon 3 is simply the most enjoyable, endlessly playable racing game ever. I keep going back, if only to drive around aimlessly, listening to my tunes.

4K on the Xbox One X has been great, but 60fps with a few graphical tweaks, or dare I dream, raytracing... would be incredible. Here's hoping they optimize Horizon 3, or perhaps release a remaster edition of Horizon 1-3.