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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 13, 2020 9:09:43 AM(UTC)
Hi does anyone else have any issues regarding Xbox one or Xbox one X in regards to Syncing issues and taking a very long time even with decent internet (NBN Internet 50 odd MB/s hardwired from modem to Xbox one X). It feels like every few days i have issues and have to hard reset my xbox one X every 2-3 days or i get stuck looking at a syncing screen for a very long time or sometimes it wont sync and I have to hard reset it. Just really frustrated and with Series X coming soon im a little worried these issues will carry over :(.

I usually have trouble with Horizon 4 syncing issues it wont sync and just sits there for ages and ages over an hour, and I have submitted various tickets to support and my console and games are always up to date too. Some days its quick syncs within a few minutes and i am in gaming and other days well takes a very long time or I'm hard resetting my Xbox one X, I have removed my account and re added it and now just waiting and waiting and waiting for all my Forza games to sync data which is taking a few hours from horizon 2-4, Forza 5-7 :( luckily I can play my PS4 Pro in the mean time :(

I also lost my Forza Motorsport 5 save which I was level 160 odd and hours and hours and hours of racing gone, I'm still **** ed about it but what can you do ( I'm level 65 again at the moment and kept all my badges and titles luckily.

Anyone else having these issues or is it just me?

Thanks for reading and any help would be nice :)

Happy Gaming !!!