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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 3, 2020 7:09:46 AM(UTC)
Can anyone recommend a good A class Cateram tune? I've seen some, but since you can't actually use the class filter in search for A class it's kind of hard to find them.
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#2 Posted : Sunday, September 6, 2020 2:51:05 PM(UTC)
Build one yourself.

Honestly, it's the only real way to get a car you are comfortable with, and it also helps you to learn.

Everybody has their own driving style, so you could burn through 100 per-built tunes and still be no better off.
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#3 Posted : Monday, September 14, 2020 10:38:08 AM(UTC)
The problem with the Cateram is that it has 804 in stock configuration. Its already above A class to start with, and normaly you want a bit of maneuvering space upwards when tuning a car to balance acceleration, top speed and handling.
The game deosn't expect an A-Class Cateram to be possible, that why you can't search for it.
If you really try it you can barly push it below the 801, but the result is certainly not balanced in any way. I just clobbered one together with awd, oversized rear rims and drag tires.
The result is a 530kg car with insane launch acceleration, awful top speed and bad cornering.
Not good, not terrible. Still enough for a few easy unbeatable wins and somehow fun to drive. Just stay away from long straight tracks.

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