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#1 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2020 9:20:01 AM(UTC)
I want to ask about why the only car you can remove the rooftop in forzavista and actually drive without it is McLaren 650S Spider? I understand this game uses different car model in forzavista - but why not to implement this feature to highest LOD we drive in? Other cars in freeroam or races can have always roof on - to not have to implement it to every single LOD and make it noticably "pop up" the roof if car model change to lower LOD in distance (like many older game).
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 28, 2020 12:10:59 PM(UTC)
The change was made to the 650S due to it being exactly the same as the 650 that we already had in the game when the 650S was made available. It isn't a bug, they specifically changed the model after the community complained it was an identical car because you couldn't drive it with the roof off originally.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, July 30, 2020 6:27:53 PM(UTC)
Some cars are actually faster with the roof down too IRL. Lamborghini murcielago spider, Porsche Boxster GTS convertible, pretty much any soft top convertible IRL is limited by the fact that the top can separate from the car at high speed.

I feel that the option to raise and lower the top in free roam has been requested since Horizon started adding convertibles in the first place. Midnight Club LA and both Test Drive unlimited games offered the ability to operate the top while cruising. Considering that several convertibles in game already have the top animations on Forzavista while in the garage I fail to see why it would be difficult to implement in the open world. You could just ask Anna to put the top down off the D pad controls already in the game.