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#1 Posted : Monday, July 13, 2020 11:24:54 AM(UTC)
So, I have owned the game for a short while and initially my DS4 controller did not function correctly (switching between keyboard and controller inputs meant I couldn't get past the initial start screen).

So, after a lot of messing about I used a combination of InputMapper, HIDGuardian, Editing controller hardware IDs into the Windows Registry etc and managed to play for a while (Seemingly over 2 hours because I can no longer get a refund)

Since the latest Windows 10 update nothing works to get this controller working with this title, and only this title.
I can use games in the XBox for PC (beta) app by enabling inputmapper or DS4Windows.
I can use games through steam without enabling anything.

I have tried adding FM7 to my steam library by using some wizardry called UWPHook in the vain hope it would somehow use the steam support to input to the game.

Clearly having requested a refund and hashed it out with Microsoft support I am now at the point of feeling completely ripped off and would really like if somebody could offer some bulletproof advice to get the thing working again