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#1 Posted : Sunday, July 12, 2020 12:28:30 PM(UTC)
I sometimes actually feel seasickness from the very excessive vertical bouncing of the car as I race in Motorsport 7. It's very much like driving over
a pothole filled dirt road in a Range Rover. Project Cars is far superior in this, very smooth vertically, not bouncing up and down constantly - only a bit of realistic dip slowing
for corners; even then much less than Motorsport 7. Anyone can compare this issue by watching several You Tube Motorsport 7 races, then watch some Project Cars (One)
you tube gameplay. There are even side by side comparison you tube vids of Motorsport 6 or 7 vs. Project Cars. I would really like to see Motorsport 8 change this effect, and cut way back on
vertical bouncing of cars. Motorsport 6 and 7's intention was realism when adding vertical bounce but they took it way too far, leaving players slightly seasick. Race courses are smooth paved surfaces, not offroad Baja desert potholes.