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#1 Posted : Saturday, June 27, 2020 5:18:14 PM(UTC)
So, I'm a bit of a completionist. I have all of the cars and most of the cosmetics in this game, with a few exceptions. One of those is the Mixer shirt and hat you get for ranking up your Mixer ranking. I've ranked up a few levels from watching the official livestreams and the occasional streamer, maybe level 5.

So now Mixer is going away, and if those items are going to be unobtainable soon I feel I might as well get them. I know that people use 24/7 AFK streams to farm influence, but I've never bothered to do that. So I left a stream open on my laptop for a night but did not see any progression in my Mixer ranking or influence level the next morning upon signing in. (I know that everything is signed in and linked up properly because I've leveled up before).

So, does anyone know what the situation is with this right now? Did they change the AFK streams to not award influence? And will those cosmetics even remain in the game? One of my favorite quickchat phrases (the gloriously awkward "For Me, Anything Goes!") got removed when they ditched Anything Goes Team Adventure, so I'd hate to figure all this stuff out just to have the items taken away.

(I know no one really cares about cosmetics but I like the irony of wearing gear from a now-defunct streaming service that didn't outlive the game it was being promoted it)
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#2 Posted : Saturday, June 27, 2020 9:46:16 PM(UTC)
okay so they just moving to fb
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#3 Posted : Sunday, June 28, 2020 12:58:08 AM(UTC)
Those 24/7 streams never ever worked even 12 months ago. Only streams that give influence are ones that tell you as you start watching that you gain influence. If you watch for 2 minutes and see nothing popping up saying you gained influence you probably arent.

I maxed out my mixer rank as I left streams on in the background while I was at work. Took a good few weeks if not over a month of doing 40 hours a week pretty much.
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#4 Posted : Monday, June 29, 2020 9:54:56 AM(UTC)
When Mixer is finally gone, maybe they will offer all the rewards to the players.