Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 23, 2020 5:39:02 AM(UTC)

I'm looking to meet forza racers and join a club. I used to have a passion for forza- mostly in the first few titles. I raced initially in PpR (pure performance racing) and a few other notable groups for you guys that've been around for a while hotlapping. I enjoy tuning the cars for specific tracks and chasing after #1 lap times - and somehow managed to hold handful of those #1s when I had better teammates! I really enjoy collaborating on tunes and ideas within a close group. I also like to do a good mix of online lobbies and racing leagues to put those skills to the test.

I've barely played the past few installations of forza, but I've been getting tired of shooters lately and decided to go back to my roots. I bought a cockpit and logitech wheel that should arrive this week and all of my gaming will be devoted back to this series again! Unfortunately I don't keep up anymore with any of my old gamer friends. If there are any active groups that would welcome a new player I would be interested in playing and joining a club again. I may be slow for a week or two getting used to the wheel but surely not for long! If it helps, I live in NC so I'm in the eastern time zone and I play games mostly between 8pm and midnight.

Currently my Gamertag is Swolsnatchular - but I'm trying to think of something witty to change it to in the next few days.

For any of you that may remember racing with me in the past that are active here I'd like to add you. the gamertags I've raced with are PpR Jake, PpR Byrd, IRT Jake and Swoltacular