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#1 Posted : Friday, June 12, 2020 12:20:44 PM(UTC)
Hello Forza community,

I am running this game on a windows 10 pc and usually have frequently occurring issues. The big one was the "corrupted data" ordeal, which keeps happening (Sorry for the inconvenience, an error occurred while loading your saved data) I’m sure you’ve seen before. Normally I can reset the app or reinstall it and problem solved.

However, last time I played a few weeks ago it worked flawlessly. Today, even if I reset and reinstall the app, it doesn’t work and gives me the same exact error.

My data is always saved to the cloud so I never worry about it but now that it won’t even work I’m getting annoyed. What can I do to fix it?

I have tried resetting the app in app settings, reinstalling the app, and tried following the Nvidia graphics update thing thinking that could be the issue but nothing resolved it yet still. I also tried loading the game offline and it.

Side note: I have already sent the above information as a ticket two days ago and haven't heard anything back yet still. If this game is just a 120$, 100GB brick on my SSD, why did I even pay for it -_-

Hopefully someone knows some weird work around or something so I ca actually play again. Even trying offline it gives me the same error.