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#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 9, 2020 11:15:47 AM(UTC)

currently I'm using my logitech momo wheel in stead of my xbox controller for the simple reason that with this controller for me this game is unplayable. The reason is: when I let go of the left handle (the one I steer with) the virtual steering wheel doesn't automatacally goes back to the center but stays left or right. Now with every other race game (F1, Grid, NFS,....) when youm let go, the steering wheel goes back to sthe center (neutral position). But with this game, it doesn't and you endup all over the place because you are constantly steering left to right and so on. Now with the logitech steering wheel, I dont have this isue: when I let go of the wheel, it automatacally goes back to the center and driving is far easyser and feels more natural.
But I rather use my xbox controller (less hastle to put up) so please, does anyone can help me with the settings in this game so I can use my xbox controller like I do for all my race games on my pc ?