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#1 Posted : Sunday, May 31, 2020 1:17:44 AM(UTC)
I give up.

Playing Forza used to be the best gaming experience ever. But then I joined the forums. It is a decision that I've now come to regret.

I thought Reddit was a toxic environment...

Thank you, Turn 10, for ruining the franchise with your stupid dress-up junk, not fixing what is broken and jumping on the battle royale bandwagon with that godawful Eliminator nonsense. Thank you, Microsoft, for not giving a flip about civility in these wretched forums. You all have officially and permanently lost a longtime Forza player.

To those who made fun of me, ignored me and said that I had low standards, you won't be kicking me around anymore.

Here's to the future, because I'm done with the past.

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“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” - George Carlin
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#2 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2020 3:08:46 AM(UTC)
Yup, Same, with Forza having gone down the Bathplug and becoming quite Literally "Forzanite" due to all the Issues You listed, complete with the accompanying Unacceptably Toxic Community which has even turned Me completely Toxic with its Non-Stop Negative Influence, Forza is looking increasingly likely that it wont be Part of My Future either I am afraid.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2020 9:28:23 AM(UTC)
As a member of this community, I would just like to point out that there are actually a lot of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable community members out there.

To label this as a toxic community is unfair to those of us that actually spend their times contributing in a positive way.

I'm no saint, I'm sure I've had my moments, I'm human - so if I've made mistakes in the past, I would like to think I've been grown up enough to own those and apologise if an apology was due.

The majority of my posts are positive and hopefully helpful to those whom I'm posting to. I see a lot of other posts from like minded people.

If I see posts that specifically relate to PC, I might not post in those as I play on Xbox - so am unable to contribute unless it's a general question that would apply to all formats. I have ignored plenty of posts, where I haven't felt able to contribute to them in a positive way - some of them were negative to begin with, some just unrealistic in what they are asking for.

I'm afraid I don't know either of you chaps, I occasionally take time away from the game(s) and the forums to play other games - Forza has a way of pulling me back & I've been contributing to the forums on & off since FM2. In all that time, there have always been good guys and bad guys on the forums, this is nothing new. The forums are very different to what they were in the FM2 days no doubt - the world has moved on with all it's different channels these days (social media etc). So activity isn't what it was and sadly never will be.

That being said, all the best to both of you. If something is no longer fun for you, sounds like it is time to walk away.

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#4 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2020 12:25:07 PM(UTC)

Allow Me to Explain My Situation.

The Big Problem for Me is that Forza Horizon, as I play Horizon a lot more than Motorsport, is still a *really* good Game in terms of the Summer Handling Model and the Core Summer Gameplay Loop, but, FH4 in Particular also is just not worth its Money for Me now it has gone Live Services, as I am just not getting what I have Paid a Shockingly Large amount of Money for (a Complete Game, like I got with the Collectors Version of FH2 as all the DLC and Both Expansions were included in the Purchase Price so I got a Complete Game, ie, what I Paid for, as it wasn't Live Services!) it is also causing Me some severe Mental Health issues (the Time Gates cause Me so much Anxiety about missing a Car owing to those Time Gates that I end up having a Full Blown Panic Attack, followed by a Colossal Meltdown :( ), the "Highly Skilled" AI level Requirement for the New Cars, although Doable for Me, is much Higher than the "Average" Skill I Prefer, and the Extra Frustration caused by Playing against that Level of AI has, sadly, also Induced Several Meltdowns in of itself, and I have been Temporarily locked out of Cars entirely as well more than once as they have been locked behind Multiplayer and I cannot *Cope* with Multiplayer, the Sheer Anxiety of Playing Live with People I cannot see (I am ok with Single Player as I can *see* the Console!) puts Me into a Meltdown within Minutes and I have had to wait until I have been able to Nab an Example from the Auction House... I am, basically, with all these "Multiplayer Locks" and "Time Gates" and "Live Services" Mobile Phone Style Content Distribution Models, just not getting My £100+ Worth out of the Game, FH4 is Great Fun, but it is jut not Worth its £100+ anymore due to the current Live Services Direction, and I am very Worried that will be True of all Future Forza Games as well, and I just don't have the Money to Waste! £100 is a whole Month of Disability Benefits for Me! so I cannot afford to waste it on a Glorified Mobile Phone "Live Services" Title! :(

There is also the Fact I am Very Dissatisfied with all the "Forzanite" Stuff such as the Gimmicky Cosmetics (I would much rather have Cosmetics like in TDU-1, Real Life Fashion Brands You Purchase from Shops, I don't want Alien Suits, Clown Shoes and Viking Helmets!) or the Cringe Inducing "Emotes" such as that Horrible "Dab" thing..., and lets not get Started on the Whole Lego Speed Champions Fiasco or I am going to go more Toxic than the average industrial Disaster, as it just made the Game too Childish for Words and Destroyed whatever Immersion the Game actually Had completely (I am fine with Childlike Games, as Childlike Games, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, are often absolutely Adorable! Childishness just Grates across the Nerves like a Bandsaw however) and just how Buggy and Glitchy the Game is, I mean, they still have not Fixed the Camera Angles at the Players Homes, it Crashes frequently, it has a Serious "Audio Stutter" problem... and then there are the Quality of Life issues such as the Incorrect Car Interiors, Incorrect Digital Readouts (such as the Mercedes-AMG's being in Comfort Mode, or the Huracan Performante and Italdesign Zerouno being in "Cold Start" Mode) the fact the Pedal Boxes and Manual Gearshifts are not Animated, only "Mimed" despite the fact they are both Fully Animated in FM7, Terrible Camera Positions in some Cars (the Camera Appears to have been Welded to the Steering Wheel Boss in the BMW Z4 Coupe as Example!) Bad External Modelling, the Amount of "Asset Flipped" Spider/Roadster Vehicles, the Awful Engine Sounds due to Incorrect Audio Sourcing and Vastly Sub Par Audio Middleware, and the Terrible Music, all of which Counter the *exceptional* Handing Model (in Summer at least) and Fun Core Gameplay Loop (in Summer at least) and mean, the Game, for Me, isn't worth its Money.

I Really Dislike the Seasons as well, the Lack of Traction in Spring and Autumn Infuriates Me, the Constantly Grey Leaden Sky and the Pouring Rain make Me Feel Depressed, and Winter, due to its Non Existent Traction, Sensory Overload Inducing Whiteness and Infuriating Difficulty in Racing as even the Rally Cars, on Snow Tires, just Toboggan through Corners, has caused Me Several Meltdowns. I don't mind the Future Games having Seasons, just so long as they go somewhere that has a Warm Climate so the Seasons are less Noticeable and Snow is a lot Rarer, such as say, Malta, which has 14 Degrees C Average Temperatures....In *January* !

I am also very Worried that FH5 will go to Japan, a Location I have *No* Interest in Seeing in Horizon as I don't like the Car Culture (I like to Collect Stock Cars,, I am Not into Customising at All Personally, oh sure, I am into JDM Cars, I would give Anything, as Example, to have a 1998 V12 Toyota Century or a 2016 Honda S660 in a Game!...its just I like them to be Factory Stock! I am a Collector, not a Tuner!) , I think there would be too much Rain, the City would be too Big (and Big and Gloomy City Scapes in Racing Games make Me feel Genuinely Depressed :( ) there would be far too much Focus on Drifting (which I *Despise* as a Grip Focussed Player ) and I think the Map would be So clogged with Traffic it would Render the Game Unplayable for Me due to the Sheer Meltdown inducing Frustration of Pinballing off a Kei Car every 2 Seconds! :(, Japan would be a *Nightmare* setting for Me, so if FH5 goes to Japan. I am Out! :(

Basically, the Games, although still very good at their Core, are just not worth their Asking Price anymore now they have gone Live Services, and the Community seems Determined to Ruin the Next Horizon for anyone who doesn't want Japan or doesn't like Car Customisation or Drifting by trying to turn it into "NFS Underground 3: Daikoku Nights" just with a Forza Badge Attached :( , so, basically, I think I may have to walk away, as the Fun that is still available just isn't worth all the Meltdowns and the IMO, Vastly Over-Inflated Price. FH4 should, In My Personal Opinion at least, be *Free To Play* just like all other Live Services Games (which I will always see as nothing more than Overblown Mobile Phone Games Personally) should be IMO, as, for £100+, I, Personally, Expect a *Complete* Product! a "Good", not a "Service" that does nothing but give Me Anxiety Attacks, Depression and Meltdowns :(
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#5 Posted : Tuesday, August 18, 2020 3:04:25 PM(UTC)
King Cobra,

I have no idea why - but your reply post seems to have taken 2 months to show up - so I have no idea whether you will see this reply or not.

I played FH4 pretty intensively when it first launched, I was frustrated by the time gated cars - I had a number of cars with paints on that were all not available at launch. I found the way the storefront works, very frustrating - it seemed all the top download slots were all filled with colour change paints - often a number of slots filled by the same people meaning you had very little chance to get your paints noticed.

However I still managed to clock enough hours in to the game to get my moneys worth, when you compare it with other entertainment sources out there. Circa £80 for the ultimate edition, I reckon I have 100+ hours in FH4 - this is off the top of my head I've not checked but it's probably not far off. I can download a new movie for £13:99 lose an hour or two to that, even if it becomes a favourite - how many times would I have to watch it to come close to FH4 in time?

I've had many more hours in the other FM games, often through community led competitions - HLC's or painting comps - the community often provides the opportunity to enjoy the game for me - stretching the life of the game beyond the point at which I would have lost interest. So I've always been a fan of the community. In recent years it's been the HLR HLC comps.

Big shout out to Moss & Kid for running those.

Those guys set up & ran loads of HLC competitions, which kept mine and others interest in the games, long past their sell by date. However the community running in those comps also played their part, sharing set ups and generally encouraging each other to go faster.

I've given up trying to get all the cars in FH4 as I just don't play enough, I still pop on there from time to time. Forza Motorsport has always been my main game, with the Horizon interlude more of a change of pace. that comes along every couple of years but eventually I find more replayability in the FM games from just chasing lap times on rivals.

In FH4 I don't need all the cars to be fair, the content available in terms of car roster provides more than enough options without chasing down every one that pops up on offer.

If a game is getting to the point where it's affecting your mental health, chances are it's way past time to take a break or stop playing altogether. I do think feedback like this is probably important to the developers - as I'm sure you're not alone in being frustrated by some of the mechanics they've employed in this iteration.

Completionists like to be able to have all the cars but if they keep adding cars or just slipping cars out at random times - you can't afford to miss a week playing. The same goes for those who are either just missing their favourite car that might just happen to be timelocked or someone late to the game, who maybe missed out on those released early on - just hoping they cycle round again.

All I can really say is play when you want to play, don't let the game dictate to you. Take it easy fella