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#1 Posted : Wednesday, May 6, 2020 1:30:47 PM(UTC)
Dear forza, I would like to start by saying I have legitimately never commented or gone out of my way to post anything on the internet or anywhere for that matter. I say this in hopes you understand how much this means to me and appreciate where I'm coming from. Motorsport 7 is a very dear game to me and have loved it since day one with its flaws and success. I have watched it evolve and have appreciated everything the developers have done to better the game down to the very small details. I continue to play the game and simply can't get enough, it is my go-to game everytime. having said all that I feel I must speak up as playing the game has become a practice in insanity... I understand the developers have stopped developing the game and no more updates are needed as it has reached a "sweet spot", unfortunately a few things have been overlooked as I shall list a few of them..
The algorithm that sorts the cars and maps in the regulations hopper is absolutely appalling, not only does it repeat the same recipe over and over again till your brain has gone numb and you can now predict the car and track, but of the seemingly infinite amount of cars that your developers have made, the game insists on selecting an infinitesimally small amount of vehicles and WILL NOT DEVIATE FROM THE SMALL LIST OF ASSIGNED VEHICLES IT CAN CHOOSE FROM. That seems like such a waste of effort seeing all the work put into the rest of the vehicles.
This issue does not apply to the automated vehicle selection algorithm but also the tracks themselves, constantly choosing very limited Maps...I think in all the time I have played the game, I have seen Rio DE jeneiro pop up maybe once or twice in the regulations hopper....i have seen more solar eclipses that that.
Here is something that absolutely baffles me... the intermission time in a regulation hopper is 1 minute and 40 seconds, where the car is automatically assigned and u have no choice in the matter obviously, whereas in any other hopper you are assigned a mere 59 seconds to which you must very hastily choose a car because by the time it's actually done loading everything including the cars, you are left with 25 seconds to actually choose a car if your lucky at that! you give me no time to choose a car when needed and when I can't choose a car you give me all the time in the world?? seems a little redundant if you ask me.

I apologize if this is coming off as a nitpicking die-hard fan complaint but truly it's such a shame that an entire game can be seemingly ruined due to something so small and simple. I bought the game to play ALL of the game, not be handcuffed with what I can play. As someone with absolutely noo knowledge on how developing a game actually works, dare I say its as simple as setting whatever algorithm to random? just don't limit it, allow the game to choose from the array of tracks that your developers passionately built with blood sweat and tears.
If this even reaches one person in the forza Motorsport hierarchy than that's enough for me. forgive this lengthy message and thank you soo much for making an awesome game! can't wait to see what you make next!
PLEASE make one more small update where you randomize the selecting algorithm on regulations hopper and give more time to choose vehicle's where needed.