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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 30, 2020 9:31:31 PM(UTC)
It's been almost 10 years since I was last on Forza 4 but I always had 2 problems, one last run at Kaido and the second which sucks. I lost my mom last year just before she would have been 55 and the car I'm most known for to the people who played in the F1-4 era was the 00R Snakebite which took me from world records to competitions / tandems / filming with the Blackjacks when they were still a thing and everything in-between, sadly the snake was her favorite car and waking up in a decent mood and shoulder was alright but after losing about 40-50% use of my left arm after an injury sustained working for the DoD 5 years ago it's gotten harder to use a controller, not a big deal I have a pretty crazy wheel rig. I'll never have kids I just don't need that but my mom always called the snake her granddaughter and would always tell people about the "ballerina" vid I did a long time ago (She named it that not me). So as a way to finally send off the 00R giving it one last shot and one shot only after 8 years in hibernation. I re-tuned it because, well I'm just a lot better then I was then and drove Kaido in a stock vehicle just to refresh and played around with the snake a bit on other tracks then gave it that one final shot at the mountain for all the marbles no holding back no restarts, one shot. This car has never let me down and helped me out through a lot of hard times over the last 15 years of Forza and IRL, I had posters of it made that are on my walls so I knew this is what needed to be done to fully close out that chapter.

My back was killing me so its nothing special I just threw it together and I also got flooded with a ton of memories and started to water up a bit so I cobbled this together along with that last crack at the mountain which I'm not doing again even if it came back due to 800+ laps of fails along with getting 1st losing it doing it again over and over fighting the drag tires and brake draggers and bowed out at the top of my peak when I still had 15+ 1sts across multiple tracks with a lot on Kaido. So this seemed fitting.

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#2 Posted : Saturday, May 9, 2020 8:37:51 PM(UTC)
I remember seeing your name all the time man, there is still a group of guys that run touge on FM4. I can DM you the link if you want.

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