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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 23, 2020 5:15:41 AM(UTC)

I know very little about cars. The entire tune the car before a race has me stumped at the third race. Pitiful I know. I have been on this forum and read other posts and have gone in and tweaked everything. Is there a way to turn the tune the car option OFF. Or only have one tab (like PSI) and then slowly enable other tabs as I figure it out?

Sorry ... I know I made the entirety of this forum cringe, but I LOVED Forza 3 and am very frustrated with Forza 4 right now ...

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#2 Posted : Friday, April 24, 2020 4:08:24 AM(UTC)
Hey dude the best thing to do in my opinion is don’t tune before a race, find a little imaginary track on the map ‘I usually chose the small loop at the festival’ and tune the car whilst in free roam and take your time you’l soon recognise what your changes achieve , to find the tune in free mode , click start and head over to cars and you will see on your right hand side of that menu the tune car button , this means you can perfect your tune before a race rather than risk it with an iffy tune before.

I hope that answers your question or that’s what you wanted to hear , good luck