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#226 Posted : Friday, January 29, 2021 9:57:17 AM(UTC)
ola baixei o jogo forza 4 mas nao abre
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#227 Posted : Friday, January 29, 2021 2:37:23 PM(UTC)

Subject: My game is not opening

Hello, I downloaded the game Forza 4 but it won't open



Olá. Este fórum requer que as palavras estejam em inglês. Traduzi usando o Google. Desculpe pela inconveniência.

O que exatamente está acontecendo quando você tenta iniciar o jogo? Ele sempre mostra o jogo? Ou mostra uma mensagem?
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#228 Posted : Monday, February 15, 2021 2:17:23 PM(UTC)
Game crashing to desktop all the time in windows 10! Since about two or three days ago, i cant play more than 1-5 minutes without the game crashing to desktop. I have the latest windows version, the latest nvidia drivers, a clean pc checked by nod 32, the game was working flawless until three days ago.

The only thing i did was to install lego speed champions dlc. Right after the game was working fine, the day after, it started crashing once or two times in a day. Now, it crashes every minute.

Is there any error log or somewhere i can look to see whats going on?

Thanks in advance.

So, right now, im unable to play the game. This is frustrating and very dissapointing. But a lesson from this, never EVER buy any dlc or expansion again. Also amazing that we paid all that money for unpolished problematic products. Just great.

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#229 Posted : Friday, February 19, 2021 1:20:31 PM(UTC)
Hey, guys.
The game has been freezing and freezing constantly everywhere - while loading, in menu, in Playlist, while playing. It freezes and after around 20-30 seconds it's working again.... aaand then it freezes once again. I tried everything I learned - delete the local saved game, reinstalled the game, reset the console, go to main menu while loading, ecc..
As soon as I go offline it starts working completely normal - no freezes, no glitches, whatsoever. And then, as soon as I'm back online, it freezes again.
It's obviously not a hardware problem as the game runs completely fine when not connected to the internet.
My progress is saved, I didn't lose any and even if I play the game offline and delete my local saved game it syncs correctly and I get all my cars and stuff back once synced.
I issued a ticked and I got no support besides the usual stuff - "have you tried entering the game from another account?"- well, yes, I did. It worked.
It won't work when connected to the internet.
Please, any advice is helpful. I have been playing for a few months and all of a sudden the game stopped working. It stopped working at the same time the Forza servers had issues, so I guess it's not only my problem.
Thanks in advance,
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