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#1 Posted : Monday, March 23, 2020 11:19:37 AM(UTC)
FH4 player here. I've finally narrowed down settings that are both realistic and I can actually enjoy racing and playing with on my Logitech G920.

However, being one who frequently plays the eliminator, even though I do often switch from wheel to controller mid game if I have what my friends and I call a "slippery car", it would be great to be able to move the camera left and right using only my wheel to check my surroundings.

I have tried multiple bindings to set this up so far, this being the paddle shifters and arrow keys. However, pressing and holding them fails to move the camera. Any way I can make the camera move, at least in one direction, with this wheel?
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:56:25 AM(UTC)
What are the wheel settings you use? I recently purchased a G920 wheel, but have been having trouble with spinning out and unable to correct it. I have been trying different settings, so I am interested in what you use?
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#3 Posted : Thursday, July 30, 2020 11:20:35 AM(UTC)
When using a logitech g920 wheel, i use the left and right paddles to look left and right, since yesterday, it no longer works. The paddles are fine and i know its not a wheel related problem because they work when using them to shift up and shift down. Anyone got any fixes or help?
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#4 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2020 7:32:40 AM(UTC)
The spinning-out is due to the default wheel settings. While there are a million and one answers for 'what are the best wheel settings', start by lowering the Damper from 100 or 50 to about 10 and try a few corners. This setting mattered a lot on my THrustmaster wheel, hoping its the same for the Logitechs.

Next I would recommend changing your wheel rotation from default (900 or 1080 probably) to something like 540-640, this will tighten up the steering on all cars and allow you to drive them faster on what are basically public roads, it also helps match the in-cockpit steering wheel with the rotation of your actual wheel, if you use that view.

I personally lower my FFB to 50% of whatever default is and lower my center spring to about 10-20, too.

Start there.

NOTE: The forza website indicates that when you use a wheel there are many behind-the-scenes aids that simply go away when using a wheel, so when you use the wheel be prepared to have to catch a loose rear-end sooner rather than later. Drifting, for me, is damn near impossible with a wheel in first person mode......with the joypad its much, much easier. With a wheel? Nope.

Good Luck. Oh, and I can't get any of the LOOK BEHIND/LOOK LEFT etc buttons to work or map on my thrustmaster using an xbox, either. Maybe its different on the PC? I look ahead and don't worry about behind :)