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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:31:13 PM(UTC)
Hey all, I wanted to invite some more drivers to my Fri Race Series. We race nearly every Fri and the series drags out most of the year. We also race five different classes and cycle through them.

Current Classes:
MX-5 Cup: Close to current 2020 ND Mx-5 Cup performance level raced with a set downloaded tune, set at the series constructor recommended settings
Featuring double header sprint races one 15 minutes, one 25 minutes. with points awarded at each final.

Trans Am: Vintage Trans Am series cars Custom build sheets for every allowed car Power to weight matched to .000x when dividing the HP by Weight.
Races are 100 miles. runs usually just over an hour.

GTD/GT3: Current and past IMSA, WEC, etc GT3, GTLM, GTE cars in World Challenge style double header sprint races 15min and 25min. Builds are open and only regulated
by a Power to Weight ratio of .2050 when dividing the HP by Weight.

GTLM: Using the same group on cars from the GTD class but we open up the power to weight to .2350 Races are all FM7 available 2020 IMSA season races
emulating their real life race lengths just scaled down. Daytona was 150 minutes and Long Beach is set for 30 minutes with standard races being 45 minutes.

PC (Prototype Challenge): A Spec Class running only Prototype FLM09 Oreca Chevrolet's. These cars are bone stock and tuning is limited to Tire PSI, and Sway Bars.
Races follow suit with the GTLM class style.

We raced a few of these classes last year in a similar format and the racing was amazing between the four of us. We'd really love to have a few others to join us.
The season has already started though we're about two races in on every class. We race nearly every Fri with practice/ Qual starting at 12:45AM EST races roll about 1:15AM

Next Race Night is March 13th we are running MX-5 at Sebring Full. All you need is a 2013 MX-5 Cup Mazda and download the Tune: GUNDRILL MX5 CUP. and message me
so I know to invite you.

Feel Free to Message me via Xbox Live at my Gamertag BAMBO_81 I have a word Doc with the list of races, rules, expectations from drivers and build sheets that i'd like to
send you via Email