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#51 Posted : Friday, May 1, 2020 2:32:53 PM(UTC)
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#52 Posted : Monday, May 4, 2020 11:50:04 PM(UTC)
Why can a spanish logo/vinyl be okay ? ( el diablo) but not in english (the devil) Got banned last night for making a logo/vinyl saying The devils Garage
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#53 Posted : Sunday, May 10, 2020 7:23:10 AM(UTC)
I was supposed to get unbanned today and it let me on line for about 10 minutes. WHY?
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#54 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:23:56 AM(UTC)
Banned from official Discord
I assume for posting the following:

Crash Hang Type: Activation.
Crash Hang Type: Activation.

How do I get this ban lifted? Also, why did I even receive a ban? Was two lines considered spamming?

I would have expected a mod to warn me first, after all I'm a paying customer who owns Forza 4 Horizon (although I haven't been able to play it for two weeks due to Crash Hang Type: Activation) and Forza Motorsport 7.

Perhaps if the official support channel wasn't so useless people would feel compelled to post issues on your Discord? Maybe consider how the person who spent $100 on an unplayable game feels before banning them?

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#55 Posted : Sunday, May 17, 2020 12:05:12 AM(UTC)
i got banned, but i don't know why. I think because i made some stickers for cars a bit inappropriate. I wish i could be unbanned to remove those liveries and stickers but i don't know how to do that. please help me
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#56 Posted : Monday, May 18, 2020 12:12:48 AM(UTC)
Has anyone else had a ban from Forza horizon 4 for spamming designs? I have been sharing and unsharing tunes/photos/designs and have now been banned for 7 days. The ban initially said it was for an inappropriate layer group but after asking a question and showing my layer group was a square block I was told the ban was for "spamming of the white block".
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#57 Posted : Friday, June 5, 2020 12:41:12 PM(UTC)
So i have been banned from buying new tunes and getting new paints on forza horizon 4. How long is the ban for a 1st time offender?
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#58 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2020 5:57:03 AM(UTC)
I made this design back on my car this is Fail Crew sticker, is this ban reason?

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#59 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2020 1:20:35 PM(UTC)
so i got banned from forza horizon 4 for 718 hours i should get unbanned by yesterday [img=https://ibb.co/hgdT2kh][/img]
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#60 Posted : Sunday, June 14, 2020 8:38:03 AM(UTC)
j'ai besoin de votre aide, je ne comprends pas la raison :

"votre gamertag à été exclus de cette fonctionnalité."

je ne peux plus acceder a ma gallery etc ..

Pourtant aucune triche je joue sur Xbox one
Peut on m'expliquer ??
je n'ai rien fait d"illegal" sur ce jeux...

i need help , i have this message and didn't understan why
"your gamertag has been excluded from this feature" and a date is write for the end ...
why ?
So i can't access to my gallery or others features. ..
i didn't cheat, i play on xbox one ... i play with no cheat, and regularity ... so why please ?

thanks for help
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#61 Posted : Monday, June 22, 2020 9:30:12 AM(UTC)
I bought FH4 Ultimate Edition 11 days ago and I was able to play it without any problems for 3 or 4 days. But after I couldnt play anymore because the game was unable to find me a session, so for 2 days I searched guides on YouTube and Microsoft forums and I tryed everything but nothing worked so I made a ticket on forza support but without any answer . I kept searching for solutions, I was talking everyday with Microsoft support and afiliated gamers, but they literally had nothing else to do to help me because I also had a problem with the NAT Type and it took me few days to fix it, so I came back to forza support. I made a new ticket after 5 days from the first ticket, and I wanted to check the status of the first one. I checked it and it was solved wich was a surprise because I didnt get any notifications about that, so I checked their response. They said I got banned because I used a tool or a mod to get money and other things wich sounds very dumb because I had that problem with Teredo adapter and I dont get it how did their system said I used any tool. What is tilting the me is the thing that I got banned after I spent my money on the Ultimate Edition, I mean I had money from the free spins and lots of cars, theres literally no reason to cheat, so I did a research about random bans and I found out that thats a normal thing in FH4. I made another ticket about the ban and they dont want to answer anymore. I am very dissapointed about this situation because nothing makes sense and I dont want to lose all the money spent on a game that I bought to play with my friends online, not offline. I asked one of my friends father who is a lawyer if I there is any chance to do something at the Online Dispute Resolution at the European Commission because I payed a lot of money for this game and I lost my last week trying to fix my NAT Type and that Teredo thing just to find out I'm banned. He said teoretically I can get something from that but he didnt say more because he never had experience with issues like that in gaming.

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#62 Posted : Monday, June 29, 2020 3:07:29 PM(UTC)
in Forza Horizon 4 you can get banned for having the confederate flag on any car (understandable) you can also be banned for having the rising sun(japans national flag) which is in a lot of rocket bunny livery's and also on a lot of car enthusiasts IRL cars and they recreated their vehicles in Forza and the banning system will ban them for that reason which in my opinion is confusing and for some people (including me) have hundreds of cars with that logo on it and I get the confederate flag but the rising sun hasn't had any wars over slavery yes they did have slaves in some areas of the nation but making people get rid of one of the most iconic flags in the world in the car community now that's just cruel
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#63 Posted : Tuesday, June 30, 2020 5:48:32 AM(UTC)

Unsure where to put this post but this seems to be xbox related so ill start here.


I had played the game for a couple of months and was miles behind my friends who had played it for 6 months or so.
My friend said to me if i give him my details he could give me his game save so i have the same cars as him but it wouldnt effect my leaderboard stats (I could keep my own scores and achievements)

So after a week i was banned from FH4, naturally i opened a support ticket.
The support agent (Clearly untrained - will elaborate soon) then used some kind of pre generated text to paste a message that stated i had used some for of cheats to enhance my game. (Cant remember word for word because he banned me from support)..
I expressed my concern to his lack of care for my ticket as he was only using copy and paste reeplies and no investigation was started. At the moment i told him i would be reporting him for neglegence and i would get someone else to take over my ticket who would show it care and investigate properly (That is what the support is for), he chose that the best course of action would be to ban me from support fully.
From my research, unless i am abusive or racist etc then there was no reason to ban me, he chose to do so only because he would be found out and most likely some form of punishment would be issued to him.

Furthermore, i have read that any modification is no allowed due to rules and i fully hold my hands up to this as i allowed my friend to get his game save to work on my xbox. How ever, no form of cheating had taken place and it was not in any way effecting anyone else who plays the game. If there is a chance for my account to be unbanned i would like to know how to do this.

I have no intentions of reporting the support agent (Lack of support agent), nor do i wish to cause any grief. I would simply just like to be able to play online with my friends again and i would like to be able to have the CHEATER badge removed from my name on your system as i simply did nothing along the lines of cheatinng. my only mistake was letting my friend put his save on my account. Which at the time i didnt think was against the rules nor was it negative to anyone else but my own achievements.

If anyone from support reads this it would be fantastic if you could guide me in the right direction please!

Thank you

Loyal LONG time customer of the FORZA franchise.

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#64 Posted : Wednesday, July 1, 2020 12:32:08 AM(UTC)
I don't understand about the ban. what are the new things that can get you banned
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#65 Posted : Sunday, July 5, 2020 1:11:11 AM(UTC)
I don't know if its because of a hwid or if i have a network issue, since regardless what accounr im on, i get an error message when trying to connect to horizon life. [img=https://imgur.com/a/6ps1d6h]Screenshot[/img]
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#66 Posted : Friday, July 10, 2020 1:50:37 AM(UTC)
Hey guys,

I have to write in the Forum because my Support page seems to be bugged, so that I can't log in on the support page.

So, I have the following Problem:
Quite a while ago I wanted to play FH3 again. As I nearly had every car in FH3 I wanted to complete my collection (I think only 5 or so cars were missing). In doing so I didn´t want to grind for tons of money (albeit I may have had enough which is quite ironic tbh), so I edited my cash via Cheat engine. I have to say as well, that i've played exclusively the singleplayer features of FH3, maybe as an exception the auction house. After editing my cash, i was banned. It was only after my ban that I found out that there's a Devbuild version of FH3, in which you can mod basically everything.

Long story short, I was Hardware-IP-banned for every Forza game. Since my Ban I wasn't able to conatct any support member of Forza. All I ever got was an automatically generated text, that said that i was banned for modding my save in a game. I tried to explain my Situation but to no avail, sadly.

Maybe you guys can help me out. This is my last attempt of fixing this, because I'm pretty fed up. This is going on for like a month now.

Thank you.
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#67 Posted : Friday, July 10, 2020 8:01:01 PM(UTC)
Hello everyone,

I cannot get to play online and every time I try to connect it says "This feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see ForzaMotorsport.net for more info." I have searched it up and it just leads me to the recent updates can someone please help me fix this.
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#68 Posted : Sunday, July 12, 2020 12:27:15 PM(UTC)
I got the game today and it would let me play online with my friends and I am level 30 it keeps on saying temporarily disabled please see forzamotorsport.net
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#69 Posted : Wednesday, July 29, 2020 12:00:08 AM(UTC)
Friends, help me. Support ignored me!! My Teg VertuForLife was blocked, but i dont break rules!! My ticket 119920. Support can not tell me what I specifically violated !!! I have not used any cheats or mods !!!!!! They can not write the date when I broken the rules !!! I do not understand anything!!!!!!! Maybe scammers hacked my account? I did not do anything!!! can someone use my account? I really don't understand anything !!!!! I can not write in support now, because they delete this function for me!
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#70 Posted : Wednesday, July 29, 2020 5:12:04 AM(UTC)
Support tell me what I specifically violated !!! I have not used any cheats or mods !!!!!! I've been playing for a long time !!!! write the date when I broken the rules !!! I do not understand anything!!!!!!! I cant write to the support now. They probably remove this option for me. Help me!

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#71 Posted : Wednesday, July 29, 2020 9:03:08 PM(UTC)
I’ve been banned for 30 years like a year ago but i don’t know why and i can’t play online. So i would like to be unbanned please. Thank you !
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#72 Posted : Monday, August 3, 2020 4:13:22 AM(UTC)
Can you at least tell me what I've done
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#73 Posted : Wednesday, August 5, 2020 3:13:53 PM(UTC)
I was recently banned from FH4 online as i was falsely accused of hacking will this prevent me from playing online on future forza games? Thanks for your help guys :)
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#74 Posted : Friday, September 25, 2020 8:30:00 PM(UTC)
Hey everyone, I was attempting to sell some of my cars off to my friend at cheap prices so he could afford an expensive rare car (599XE) (i now know thats against the rules) and I wont do it again but how long is my ban? Im hoping its not forever i truly didnt know it was against the rules and would hate to lose all my progress :( anyone have any idea how i can get in contact with an ambassador to ask?
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#75 Posted : Sunday, September 27, 2020 4:03:49 AM(UTC)
Hi hope everyones doing well ..so I just want to find out if I travel back in time in Forza horizon 4 will I get banned. I'm new to Forza and I've got it for like 4 months now and I seen on YouTube there were certain events that had certain cars I could unlock like the mercedes Benz AMG GT 4 door and e63s ... So I wanted to know if I were to go back to those dates when those events were taking place would I get banned for doing such a thing ?

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