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#1 Posted : Tuesday, January 21, 2020 7:41:07 AM(UTC)
It's funny how quick you forget how things were ... the garage is soooooo poor in FH3
The wheelspinner that you have to wait for ... yawn !
The cars that don't ghost when you are in a speed zone or drift zone .

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what was a bit of a surprise is people are still auctioning cars ...

So I've ticked off 20 Achievements in the last couple of days - yay!
Some of the races on Blizzard mountain were difficult to 3* , having things like win the race but also get 250,000 skill points or 6 slingshots whilst racing
Some of those blueprint bucket list events ...ouch
on balance I would say FH3 is a harder game but I think my FH4 time has helped going back

I'll not be able to complete FH3 as I don't have the Hoonigan DLC (come on T10 ... let us have it for free ;) just to tick off the achievements ) ... maybe I'll get one or two more ... then leave it
Could take another step back and pick up FH2 again - didn't get very far with that at all, as I got it when it was being offered free and then FH4 came out.

All that said - FH4 is still a better game

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, January 21, 2020 8:01:49 AM(UTC)
Hardy any achievements done in FH3 for me, but I never forgot how bad some things were. Lack of ghosting was really annoying!

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#3 Posted : Tuesday, January 21, 2020 8:08:07 AM(UTC)
PR stunts ghosting is a really nice feature of FH4. I remember a particular drift zone in FH3 making me very frustrated because of undergoing traffic.

FH4’s garage menu has a lot of QoL improvements which made the navigation much more enjoyable compared to FH3.

Some race challenges in the expansions are very difficult to complete unless you make them long.

Some bucket list challenges are difficult to achieve. I don’t care to complete them even for the Forza rewards.

Wheelspin skips in FH4 are a nice QoL improvement as well.

I’ll also add the rotatable minimap is another neat improvement of FH4.

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#4 Posted : Wednesday, January 22, 2020 2:54:38 AM(UTC)
Promotion of clean racing through the skill chain was an excellent idea even if not tuned enough to manage side effects ( people drifting in the back but, at least, not ramming you )
Non mandatory free roam is just great for a bio break or just don't want to rush through trees
Tracks are much wider than on FH4 making it much more easier to pass other cars.
Sprints allow to reach top speed with a much more interesting feeling of speed and being in an open world than FH4 with walls everywhere giving the feeling of a motorsport
Skipping of car wheelspin is fully effective, still raging to have to cope with online filling that damned garage with duplicates ...
Voting for races is so so so much better
Not always rain or wet roads
Features of FH3 look to me like complete and consistent. Up to me, all they took from FH3 and polished a bit is better. All they tried to do from scratch is unfinished/packed with tons of inconsistencies

To come back to the subject, I am reaching a number of hours closing from the one I spent on FH3 and I tend to go back to FH3 to do improve some tunes and rivals and have some races with mates who refused of left FH4 considering it is place of rammers.