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Rank: Driver's License
#1 Posted : Saturday, January 11, 2020 6:49:24 PM(UTC)
This was my high speed cornering and grip testing route.

I've since redone it multiple times to get the checkpoints and drivatar behaviour right.

Video of me running the track is below. Car used is 599 GTO. The tune is available from my storefront.

If there's enough demand, I can create additional blueprints with different types of vehicles.

Details below:

Creator: Beard2Titan78
Event Name: High Speed Scenic Showdown
Starting Location: Bamburgh Pinewood Trail
Route Lenght: 10.9 Miles
Season, Weather: Current, Early Afternoon
Restrictions: 50 Cars Selected. No trucks, buggies etc.
Recommendations: A or S1 with power and handling.
Description: Scenic asphalt only route from Bamburgh to Edinburgh and Moorhead.

Share Code: 131 134 266