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Rank: Racing Permit
#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 8, 2020 3:39:21 AM(UTC)
Forza built not bought

Hello, a mate an I are playing with the idea of a lil casual competitive racing with learning how to build and tune the cars ourselves. The build an tune is part of what makes this competitive !
I've set up an Xbox club thing 'forza built not bought' at mo were setting races a week an a half beforehand to give time to buy, build and tune them.

Neither of us are very good, an certainly don't know the secrets of building and tuning, that's the point ! But we do try our best to be clean with no intentional crashing WE ARE NOT FAST ! maybe average drivatar give or take pending track but we do our best to do things right with minimal assist, looking to find other similar racers an add another aspect to the racing

At mo races are Sunday evenings 7.30-8pm uk time
Cars, class, track ect set weds nights a week an a half prior
Own build and tune only !

If a lil competitive but casual fun with a twist an hopefully a lil learning is of interest feel free to add me and or join the club

Xbox club - forza built not bought