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#1 Posted : Sunday, December 29, 2019 4:23:19 PM(UTC)
Hey folks, Complete Forza Newbie here -so please be gentle.

I actually race a "real" Lexus IS300 in an amateur race series and recently learned that the IS300 was available as a car in the Forza 4 motorsports sim. Historically I've used iRacing and rFactor2 to "practice" prior to racing at a new track - the sims are invaluable for getting familiar with the racing line and learning the course. But neither iRacing nor rFactor have the IS300 so just for the heck of it I bought an old xBox 360 and copy of Forza 4 Motorsports to see what the Sim might do for me. It's probably a foolish dream but I'm actually interested in what information I might get from the Sim in helping me tune my actual race car. In particular we can pretty easily play with spring rates, damping rates, gear ratios, brake bias, tire pressure, etc. But as an amateur racer, , track time is super expensive and it's really hard to actually make changes, warm up the tires and brakes and see how it behaves. So I'm curious to learn how to tune in Forza and then use this a rough guide for my race car.

I have certainly heard varying things on the accuracy of Forza's physic's model - and I'm honestly not even sure if the IS300 model in Forza REALLY has actual weights, suspension geometry, physics - but I know they worked with Toyota under license so perhaps they do have actual models - or at least something close.

For example, I know you can play around with gear ratios in Forza - on the IS we have a couple of transmissions and at Road America (our home track) it's not obvious which ratios are likely to be the fastest.

So I'm a complete newbie to Forza but my interests are probably different than other drivers. I really just want to be able to race the IS300 at Road America and try out different tunes.

My questions:

a) How does one get to a mode where one can "test drive" the car? I got there once but can't find it again?
b) I found a "Tune" section but it was only allowing me to adjust tire pressure. How do I "unlock" the ability to try different spring rates, gear ratios, etc? Does this take more racing time?
c) rFactor has a pretty cool mode where you can give control of your car over to the AI and it will drive it for you around the track. Does Forza have anything like this?

Any other advice, suggestions, comments?


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#2 Posted : Sunday, January 5, 2020 11:09:32 PM(UTC)
Hi Sienna! I’ve honestly played a lot of this game, mainly on the mountain pass “Fujimi Kaido”, and after playing a lot I might be able to help. Making adjustment to other parts of the car require better parts, such as a race transmission for gear ratios and a racing suspension for things like ride height. There is a “Test Drive” mode, in the career mode, I believe under “Upgrade”. The closest thing to AI driving in Forza is when your lap ends an AI drives but it isn’t very smart and won’t be trying to set any records.

A great feature of Forza 4 is that, if your Xbox 360 has a hard drive, you can save a replay at the end of a race and pull up the data about the temperature of the tires, the g-forces on the car, and more.