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#76 Posted : Friday, March 6, 2020 3:26:35 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: KrugLove Go to Quoted Post
I figured it out. SoftetherVPN Server Service disables ikeext which is important for forza game. ikeext service trying to start when running game, but can't because of softether service and that's throttledown cpu!!!

Thank you so much for the info, it fixed my cpu bottleneck.
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#77 Posted : Friday, March 20, 2020 11:19:16 PM(UTC)
When starting up FH4 on my pc it is running fine at 60fps but when I try entering the game from the title screen it loads fine until my fps drops to 1 or 0 and my gpu drops to 0% utilization and the game does not load in the loading screen. I have tried changing the graphics settings but nothing I have tried has fixed my problem.

My specs for my pc are:
i5 9600k
GTX 1070 ti
8gb ram
z390 motherboard
500gb SSD (game is installed on)

My pc is also running on the latest version of windows which is 1909
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#78 Posted : Sunday, April 5, 2020 5:07:38 AM(UTC)

ever since i upgraded my os drive to a nvme drive and installed the game on said nvme drive. every like 5 minutes i get a solid 2 minutes of 8 fps with 20% gpu usage.

the terrain refuses to load and the game kicks you from online...

during this moment i noticed in task manager my gpu usage goes to 30/40% and my cpu usage shoot to 100%....

i'm running the game on maxed settings with a rtx 2070 and that ran perfectly fine for hours on end before....

it should not make the cpu go to 100% since it legit ran fine on this exact same hardware before the nvme drive...

any tips?

atm uploading a video to youtube wich shows task manager and the problem happening with multiple car configurations. (it says it
ll take like 50 min to upload)

my full specs are

xeon x5675 cpu in dual socket

56 gb of ram
rtx 2070 (not overclocked i tested that too)

this seems to be a forza specific problem since all the other games i've been benchmarking has had 0 problems..

red dead redemption 2 is also installed on said nvme drive and also maxed the settings and no problems whatsoever

loading times are ok and no popping textures ect ..

thank you in advance for all your help..

again i'll attach the video after its uploaded
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#79 Posted : Friday, May 8, 2020 12:04:38 PM(UTC)
It seems that the latest update causes multiple framedrops/slowdowns while playing.
I thought it's the game connecting to servers, but they appeared in races too.
Heard from a few other people that they have that issue as well.
Playing on XBox One.
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#80 Posted : Friday, May 8, 2020 7:50:49 PM(UTC)
Forza has great optimization. My Pentium G4560 and gtx 1050 runs the game smoothly on medium settings. My Gpu usage is always above 80%.

It looks like something else is using your gpu. It can be a virus tho.
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#81 Posted : Wednesday, May 20, 2020 9:41:38 AM(UTC)

Seguinte, meu game esta normal ate que desinstalei e instalei de novo.

Quando estou correndo nas corridas de inverno sofro queda de FPS so que em corridas de rua, estrada, terra qualquer outra não.

O que pode ser ? coloquei a predominação recomendada do gráfico que fica no alto em 60 FPS cravado e chega na neve da esse problema.

Ai reduzi para o gráfico médio e baixo e da a mesma coisa.

Aguardo ajuda.
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