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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 27, 2019 5:20:45 PM(UTC)
If this has been posted, I apologize...please direct me to it.

What we have is two xbox one consoles, two accounts. Would like to take the Forza 3 and the saved vehicles to the other console under a different name. Reason is, one child had numerous games and progress on one console, but ties up the FORZA 3 when another wants to play.

We took the game from the one console, transferred to the external HD, then loaded onto our other console but the saved vehicles aren't showing up.

Is this possible to do without selling off all the vehicles and re-purchaismg them?

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#2 Posted : Sunday, November 17, 2019 10:47:41 AM(UTC)
Different Xbox, yes. Different account, no.