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#1 Posted : Friday, September 6, 2019 11:51:23 AM(UTC)
Do you think it would be a good thing if turn 10 brought them back or do you think the time for clubs in motorsport games has come to an end?

I'm sure a lot of you OG players remember them in 3/4 along with all the leaderboards that came with and how they made the community flourish more. I think its something we need back along with custom lobbies (Of course Fujimi would be nice too) nowadays heading into a drift lobby is more of a test of your patience than it is fun. You finally get in a lobby with a track you actually want to drift on (I'm looking at you Lime Rock lobbies -_-) and then you see it.. someone with an X999 rating next to their car. X classes/Track cars are still allowed somehow even though 99% of the time they are used maliciously and turn 10 know this but still leave them in. It's small things like this that turns players off and for the life of me I still don't get the thought process of hitting people off the track when they are just trying to chill out and do something they enjoy.

Okay I know this is taking a tangent but I guess while typing this it has become a rant but my opinion of clubs coming back still stands. I see point drifters becoming a complaint? but this is how I see it.. These days on Forza finding another drifter who is good enough to tandem is quite a rarity and with other people not being able to hold the corners etc you either have two choices. 1: If it isn't possible to tandem with anyone in your current game then you leave and look for another game for other people who may be able to. 2: You go for points and try to set the best possible lap you can to keep yourself entertained. This is why I think we need clubs for things like this, it could help bring back older players who have left and help players connect/re-connect. Public lobbies just seem like a mess now, I feel like before going into drift lobbies there should be some sort of liscense to achieve like in TDU2 as a quality of life improvment. Maybe it will teach people some consideration for other players online like to use their brakes or if they come off of the track to wait for others to come past before entering again.

Eh in conclusion maybe I have a different thought process for how lobbies and the people in them should be but yeah take from it what you will really.
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