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#1 Posted : Saturday, August 24, 2019 8:38:01 AM(UTC)
Exactly that, is it just me missing a trick, or does it seem like some tunes are impossible to manage if applied manually?

For example, in the rivals VIP, second race, there you have to use a ghibli 97, if you download the tune of any of the people near the top of rivals, you will find the PI is R 890, with 1,055 HP
Yet if you try and get those ratings manually, you get a maximum of R 868, and 914 HP

I have found this on many rival tunes across all of the rival races, is it because people can somehow apply a tune from a previous motorsport or horizon, where they somehow had different parts you are unable to buy in motorsport 7?

- Kick -

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#2 Posted : Saturday, August 24, 2019 3:38:12 PM(UTC)
Probably an engine swap
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#3 Posted : Sunday, August 25, 2019 12:38:39 PM(UTC)
Well, I tried all of them, I am looking at Volvol 850 right now, all engine swapped to the max, yet still 14hp off the rival tune, and about 14 PI reduced, so yep, the top 20, all using the same tune...
drivetrain etc all tested, nothing doing, I downloaded the tune before buying any upgrades, applied, then removed, and looked at all the bought parts, refitted all of them, and the max engine swap was not used, so although this time the difference is smaller, it seems impossible to match the top tunes manually.
Try it, Volvo 850 R

Something is not quite right.
Or previous version tunes can have impossible parts not available in ms 7, what else can it be.

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