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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Monday, July 22, 2019 3:57:32 AM(UTC)
Hey Racer

We are the Team Need more Downforce, we are just a Team for Team Adventures and we aim to get the Team to GRANDMASTER
We are currently 14th in the the Teamladder with 56 Wins and 6 Lose, but we are only 7 driver so we need more to get a Full Team more frequently.

After the ranking system is pretty severly, we need to have about 10 wins to compensate 1 loose, we need to test every new driver for 2-3 unranked Races.
You need to be a experienced Driver and should be able to beat unbeatable Drivatars constantly.

We got a Community Team for everyone who wants to learn racing and searches for some Just4Fun Racing and we got the Competition Team for the Ladder and Grandmaster.

We use Discord as a Forum and Teamspeak for the voice, it would be nice if you use both of this and got a useful Headset.
We are mainly german speaking so it would be nice if you can speak german too or at least understand german.

Discord Link: