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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:33:17 PM(UTC)
PG you guys are really really making it hard to enjoy this game. Why is it that every time you guys fix something, something else breaks? Yes it's nice the wall fixes are in but now jumps in dirt, cross country and freeroam are a 50-50 chance your car will land as it should or you might just fall through the map.

Just lost 30 of my rank over this madness. My car falls through the map at the end of freeroam, the team loses cause I didn't place first. Then I'm forced to play gauntlet, which I hate and ultimately spend 10 minutes on that final race just to lose 30 of my rank because someone on the opposing team quits just before the finish and my team loses 400 of our team score. You guys gotta get it together before I quit. I've stuck around through the endless list of issues with this game. Seriously, this has gone way past annoying or frustrating, it's depressing, disheartening and borderline resentment
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