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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 16, 2019 4:08:53 AM(UTC)
I wanted to have a GT and LMP race but wanted to drive the GT car with the LMP cars ahead on the grid but the game would only let me start in group 1 which meant all the LMP cars were behind me on the grid, which isnt right.

Is there a way to start in one of the other groups so the grid is accurate?
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#2 Posted : Sunday, June 16, 2019 4:52:02 AM(UTC)
Yes there is:

Here's the instructions:

1. Set game type to 'Circuit Race' or 'Timed Race'.
2. Create two buckets, the first bucket is your group (GT) the second bucket is the LMP group.
3. Set whether you want a rolling or standing start.
4. Under 'Grid Ordering' there should be an option called 'Group By Bucket'. This will group GT cars with GT cars & LMP with LMP.
5. There should options under 'Grid Ordering' experiment with the options there. 'Random' will randomize the positions of every car but the cars will still be grouped together due to the 'Group By Bucket' option being selected. Or you can sort by PI with the grid ascending or descending depending on their PI.

Hope this helps!
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#3 Posted : Sunday, June 16, 2019 5:16:02 AM(UTC)
It still put the GTs ahead of the LMPs on the grid, changing the grid order by PI only changed the order within the GT class
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#4 Posted : Sunday, July 12, 2020 2:13:37 AM(UTC)
I run into the same issue that I set up a 4group race but I was asked to take the car within the first group which was always the strongest (P1). As the start order was determinded by the power index I always hadt to choose a P1 car in order to start the race. However I work around the issue by making 4 setups with different ordering of the goups, each time differently. The start order always set to PI. Hence when I choose a setup with lower PI, e.g. GT in the first group I was able to choose the respective GT-car and being placed by the start order mechansim further behind after the stronger groups. Hence with a GT car I started as 3rd group, after P1 and P2.