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#51 Posted : Sunday, June 16, 2019 2:31:22 PM(UTC)
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If you happen to use braking line or racing line, that might be deceptive - there's a whole lot of fast turns that barely need any brakes applied but have red line all the way. And if you happen to brake there, it makes drivatars look ultrafast - as they don't.

Also, even apart from braking, racing lines in this champ are very far from ideal so you might be loosing a lot of time there as well.

Racing lines in any user-created race are best described as "guidelines" as I believe they are highly dependent on the driving of the person who created them (hence how you have the "cheat" races with only 1-2 checkpoints but a route like a 2yo's scribble book.

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10 online "adventures" to get seasonal 80%? No, thank you. I guess no Aventador again.

The Ranked Online Adventure component has been there for several series, and once you qualify for a particular race type (the 10 online adventures you mention) you only need to do ONE of those each month for it to keep count. Suck it up for an hour or two and it'll benefit you for EVERY season this series (it will back-date to previous seasons in the current Series too). Oh, and you don't have to win a single race during that time either, it's not like the Trial or Playground Games.
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