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#76 Posted : Wednesday, May 29, 2019 7:33:19 AM(UTC)
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PR Stunt: M68 Speed Trap | 270.0 mph
Reward: Super Wheelspin

There is always a PR stunt speed trap that sets the goal about 2 mph faster than I can manage. lol I re-tuned my Agera about 8 times and still come up short... RWD, AWD, all aero, no aero, snow tires, race tires, gears up, gears down. I was certain I could make 270 mph in this car, but it's not happening. And every time I try there is traffic coming out of the woodwork like it is rush hour!

I have a few cars that can hit 275 but I do my PR stuff in my Agera. Takes at the most 5 minutes to do them all, then I run to the trial

I got it done with the Mosler. Will have to try the FXX next time.

Also, qualified for Ranked Online (Team) for the first time in my FH4 career! The online adventures are better now with all the fixes in place, however:
-a rewind after missing a checkpoint did not give me enough room to make the checkpoint ( a few hundred more yards would have been nice)
-a drift tap against a wall initiated the "slow down" penalty..... but in freeroam I get good skill pts from drift tapping
-even though finishing 2nd in Freeroam Rush one time, I really think this mode is misplaced

Did not have time to master the tracks required for the Trial Co-Op (extreme offroad S1-900). So I did one co-op and placed: 7th, 10th, 2nd. Took a lot of tuning to the Rockstar Ford, but I have it running very fast at S1-872. Don't think I will have any more time to make further attempts before the season ends.......which is okay considering the prize is something I don't care about. I enjoyed the challenge though.
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