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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 14, 2019 8:34:09 PM(UTC)
A while back, we got a FM4 series happening on Thursdays and for a bit, I got behind on that. So now I'm hoping to regenerate some interest back to FM4.
Our series, simply named B class Thursdays, was probably the most well balanced class we put together and I'd like to get some people on board.

The rules are as followed.
Cars: B Class, 500 PI Max.
Any year
Minimum weight, 2200lbs.
No drivetrain conversions allowed (with the exception of AWD to RWD)
I'll issue numberplates with the number of their choice (must be on both sides, and rear bumper)
You have to run the same car for all races that night.
You HAVE to run your own tune. No exceptions. If under protest (3 or more drivers), the tune will ask to be turned over before completing further events.

Race rules:
Laps 6-8 laps, based on length of track.
Grid ordering will be at random.
5 races minimum per night.
No excessive track cutting or using run-off to gain advantage.
No intentional crashing. Trading paint is bound to happen, but try to keep it at a minimum.
If you are being lapped, you must move out of the racing line to let top 3 drivers pass.
Top 3 drivers will have to change car(s) for next week's event(s).

25,000,000 credits for 1st
10,000,000 credits for 2nd
5,000,000 credits for 3rd
5,000,000 to best livery

If anyone would like to participate, host, organize, etc, let me know.
This is specifically aimed at keeping FM4 alive while making racing fair and fun.

Rank: Racing Permit
#2 Posted : Thursday, March 14, 2019 8:41:57 PM(UTC)
Also to be noted, I will put up cars legal for this race series in the Auction House, painted and tuned by yours truly. If you'd like to receive a car with your own tastes (livery/color changes, number, etc), and would like to have a car gifted to suit you, feel free to message me on XBOX Live portion (not on here, as I don't check this as often).
Otherwise, feel free to check out my Auction House, along with user saturnsl1.
Hope to hear from someone (anyone, please?)