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#226 Posted : Friday, January 1, 2021 10:30:51 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Schumacher 9I Go to Quoted Post
In short, I would hope Turn10 focus development on really nailing circuit racing first (core game). After that, I would love for them to do a series of large expansions focused on other motorsports (can be played standalone perhaps?) like drag racing, rally, etc...

I can get behind this idea.

Originally Posted by: Schumacher 9I Go to Quoted Post
However... I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced a Willy’s Jeep is right fit for Motorsport. May it live on as a meme for how much FM is improved over Fm7 and Horizon.

There are races where the Willys would fit. Peking to Paris, for example. Something like that would fit right in with a rally-centric expansion.

Originally Posted by: TheGillesMuller Go to Quoted Post
Bernese Alps, Prague, Rio and Dubai all reek of being made with 'what can we show off in the game pre-release + on players first impressions of the game?' as the main aim rather than if they can make a good circuit for racing on.

Rio is one of the best fantasy tracks I've seen in any game, on any platform. It's varied and challenging, and if you avoid the Mountain/Full variants doesn't suffer from the monotonous "alternating sweepers" design that seems to plague most fantasy tracks.

The others I agree are hot garbage.
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#227 Posted : Monday, January 18, 2021 3:31:15 PM(UTC)
I have to side with “TheGillesMuller” on this one, but glad somebody really likes Rio. It’s not for me, but I’m not really a fan of any Forza fantasy tracks. I’d just prefer more real world tracks, there plenty of great ones out there not currently in Forza. I would have to agree that Turn10 tend to focus too heavily on the cosmetic side of things (graphics, lighting, environment, landmarks, trailer imagery, etc.) and driving and racing take a back seat.

Something that is unfortunately becoming common place with the Forza franchise generally, on surface it seems as if those staff that REALLY understood Cars, Racing and Motorsport have either moved on or don't have much say (Chris ofcourse is an exception and I’m thankful he is working on FM).

I really hope we will hear or see something soon give us some idea whats happening with FM. I would be very happy to be proved wrong.

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#228 Posted : Tuesday, January 19, 2021 7:53:26 AM(UTC)
What I am missing in Forza 7 and would like to see in Forza 8 is for example (my setup is Fanatec wheel DD1 and Xbox Series X)

- Configurable buttons (right now I cannot vote for another track in online races due to the lack of the button)
- I also would like to configure the view back button on my wheel and add look right and left
- Harder penalties for crashes and shortcuts on curves and lowering the thrashhold for getting kicked out.
- Availiability to skip/pause in online races next race (i.e. bio break, lack of right car for next track)
- Dedicated online races for drivers with wheel (no driving aids like interpoliation when driving with gamepad)
- Identify drivers with wheel and gamepad when playing online
- Full sim mode possible for more serious drivers. I dont want to play on PC but still want full sim experience.
- In settings for pedals i.e. configurations similar to PC driver (push throttle or break) and not only in percent (but progress bar) to
adjust max and min thresholds.
- Option to start race with pre-heated tires (good when racing just a few laps and probably less crashes in first curve)
- Ban intentional crash drivers for longer and longer time if crashes keep adding (i.e. 10 minutes, 1h, 1day etc.)

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#229 Posted : Tuesday, January 19, 2021 11:19:08 AM(UTC)
Add Stadium Super Trucks to the upcoming Forza Motorsport game with the ability to custom edit all the tracks and place jumps where you want. I've been hooked on youtube watching these races and would love to play this.
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#230 Posted : Wednesday, January 20, 2021 7:30:19 AM(UTC)
For the love of god, Turn10 PLEASE add user created lobbies like you had in Forza Motorsport 4. It's a very vital part of the game because we can have cruise lobbies, play cops and ricers, and more if you simply would add them back.

Another few features that could be added or tweaked are Brake Caliper Painting on Race Brakes, tunable e-brake like very early Forzas, add more tuning options such as boost pressure or if you equip "Drift Suspension", allow us to be able to tune the Ackerman Angle. Decals on windows would be a very welcome addition as well.

Lastly but secondly most important - please make sure colors on cars you add are Correct and maybe revamp the painting system? You kinda can't make a Metallic car anymore (imo).
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#231 Posted : Thursday, January 21, 2021 1:23:19 PM(UTC)
Wishlist for Forza 2021

- All cars are allowed, no banned cars
- All wheel i.e. Fanatec LED and buttons supported (just like on the PC Sim games)
- In Rivals to have an option/button to see right away the friends best lap times without having to search for them in the different classes and tracks
- Skip the credits screens after online races
- better signal/arrows of opponents trying to pass. The arrows should point (clock wise) to where the opponent is. I.e. side by side 9 or 3 o’clock, opponent a little ahead (I.e. 1 Meter/yard) 10 or 2 o’clock.
- optional voice Information of opponent passing.
- optional side mirrors in all views, same as back mirror
- adjustable seating position

Hope someone reads all of these posts.


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#232 Posted : Saturday, January 23, 2021 12:01:47 PM(UTC)

Hello everyone! To start, I am not a hardcore Forza player currently but with the new title coming up, I think that is about to change. In addition, a friend of mine and I are looking to advance our racing skills and work our way into more "professional" (or at the very least, not s-show) online race experiences. In other words, I'm very hopeful that the new title will be aimed more towards a sim experience and will allow hopeful serious racers to separate themselves from the craziness that exists in general online lobbies and the lower ranked league lobbies. ANYWAY! As for the title of this topic:


One thing I think would be cool (could be DLC content) would be attention towards the more vintage and historic racecars. The ideal that I'm thinking of would also include historic (period correct) models of race tracks that are available in the game now and the addition of old tracks (still period correct) that aren't even raced on anymore IRL.

IMAGINE THIS ---> An in-game race setup of the historic Le Mans race between Ford and Ferrari:
Period correct models of how the track would have looked back then, period correct cars, racing gear, etc.
OR THIS ---> Old school dirt track racing in vintage racecars

I'm not a history buff or a motorsport guru (if you couldn't tell) but I think having an expansion that allows racers to race in the past would be super cool. I feel like it could get people interested not only in motorsport now, but motorsport back then.

And if it's true (I hope it is) that the next motorsport is going to have longevity to it (like iRacing) and not simply be a copy/paste every 2 years with a higher number in the title, I think it would behoove the devs to make this thing solid and fresh from the ground up, that way any expansion like this idea would just be icing on the cake. Personally, I'd love to see a Forza Motorsport be a long-lasting/continually-updating/expanding experience that pushes the limits of what a sim racing experience is. I'M IN Turn10!

ADDITIONALLY TURN10! If you are really taking in player feedback and trying to make this community thrive, REWARD the people (in game) that invest time into writing posts, commenting, providing feedback, sharing, posting about your game. Make it so people want to get more involved and, that when they do, they are valued for it.
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#233 Posted : Saturday, January 23, 2021 12:19:40 PM(UTC)
Others have suggested "themed" expansions, and if they're handled well I think they'd be a great way to add longevity and diversity to the game. That said, previous DLCs across the entire Motorsports franchise don't really engender a lot of faith that T10 will suddenly get it right.
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#234 Posted : Monday, February 1, 2021 12:25:03 AM(UTC)
Please add fully configurable buttons to Next Forza and XBOX Series.

- view Back
- view left/right
- push to talk button and ( add Bluetooth support via USB dongle for XBOX)
- vote for next track.
- sorry button during races
- etc.


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#235 Posted : Monday, February 1, 2021 12:31:01 AM(UTC)
Add adjustable transparency for ghost cars.
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#236 Posted : Tuesday, February 2, 2021 3:15:19 PM(UTC)
Moved from "Car Wish List" thread

Yes, its fine to have a Wishlist of cars, but Imo it would be unwise for Turn10 to first pick the top say 600 requested cars and then attempt to sort them into divisions. This always ends up with an unbalanced & mismatched mess…

What they must do imo is first develop the structure of game and the kind of scope it offers (Career; Karts to Indy Car?, Cilo Cup to WEC?, Amateur to Formula Drift? Etc). Then chose the Categories, and then choose cars that best fill those categories that are relevant and balanced.

I realize this would limit the amount of road cars, but this is Forza MOTORSPORT. Imo road cars (still big part of game) will be selected by their relevancy to lower categories like GT4, TCR, Mx5 cup, Porsche Cup, 90's Group A, etc.

In spirit of both keeping car list short “quality over quantity” and “built not brought” theme. Race cars below GT3/R class are quite close to the road going models (Engines, bodywork, Suspension Geo, etc), so it’ll would make a lot of sense to upgrade base road cars to be eligible for various lower categories (upto GT4/top of S class with some exceptions). No silly AWD or V12 swaps, but improved Forza race upgrades that look and function realistically.

2018 Mustang GT > Mustang GT4,
2019 Golf GTi > Golf TCR,
2018 Civic Type R > Civic BTCC,
1967 Camaro > Camaro Trans-AM,
1993 E36 M3 > M3 Group A,
1996 911 996 > Porsche Cup Car > GT4.
2017 GT86 > 86 Cup > GT4 > Unlimited Time attack.

If having trouble of visualizing what a racing version of a car would look like, that’s a hint that the car probably doesn't belong in Motorsport. i.e willies jeep, Limo, Nissan safari, Peel P50... lets leave those to Horizon!

To add to this,

DLC – instead of being 5-6 random cars that end up in Forza specials, add a whole category. Like updated 2021 Indy cars, etc. 10-12 cars. this would ensure balance and relevance long term.
Tracks – Same thing, figure out what categories are to be supported first and then select which tracks that can be best utilized in those championships. i.e. IMSA.
Expansions – These could be excellent by adding an entire discipline, 20-30 cars and 2-3 tracks. Like a rally expansion that has rally cars and trucks and few off-road tracks. Drift expansion, Drag expansion, Autocross…

If FM could just continually evolve this way it could truly be the greatest racing title of all time. but first they must nail the circuit racing as the solid foundation it will require to grow.
You don't need 1000+ cars at launch .... focus on those that complement the Features, Structure and Gameplay.
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#237 Posted : Monday, February 8, 2021 1:23:46 PM(UTC)

I have a few (more than a few) things I would like to share with you all regarding Forza Motorsport.

The first thing on my Wishlist: A penalty system standard on all online lobbies unless turned off by the host.
I think we can all see the reason for this, and that is the fact that people, sadly, like to Ram. Some people dont enjoy getting punted into the shadow realm, and a penalty system that has you slow down (kind of like Grand Turismo Sport) at selected points on the track (and you get ghosted obviously). This would help the people actually trying to enjoy the game, as it would make sure the people cant Ram without punishment.

The second thing on this wishlist is a changed carrer mode.
The career mode in FM7 sucks, to be honest, In more than one way. The first thing I would like changed would be the way you PROGRESS Through the championships. When you first play the game, you have the option to start 3 races, (all very slow and not fast at all), so the player has the chance to learn the 𝙁𝙤𝙧𝙯𝙖 𝙋𝙝𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙘𝙨 and get to know the game, and not throw you in a 90s supercar. I enjoy fast cars and all, but we all need a physics introduction, especially with a new tire heat / track heat model. After you complete the first 3 race cups (consisting of, say, 4 races each) you progress onto your first driver's test, where there are no drivers on the track, and you race to earn your 'E Class License' by completing the race and not cutting / crashing too much and having a mediocre time. Not too hard for the first ones, but harder as you progress through the game. You complete the first license test, and you have the ability to play any 'E Class' Cup, (Formula Mazda / Ford, Hot Hatch Icons, MX-5 Spec, etc, not super fast, not super slow, its a motorsport game, we dont wanna drive a Mini Cooper for 5 hours!) and once you have sufficient Cups (a series of races in a car of the Cup's class, homologated) and you can go on to earn your 'B Class' License, where it is slightly harder than E class, and B class would be Touring Car cup (slower ones not the superfast ones), and A Class would be GT4, GT3, and GTE, etc. There would be S class (Where you drive faster cars, like LeMans cars and older racecars etc), then, the highest License of all, R CLASS (LMP1, Prototype racecars, hypercars, and Formula One.)

You would get one car for the specified class from completing the License test, that would be able to race in one championship.

A fun thing i think would be very interesting if added, is a Race Team. Like in F1 2020, but different, like in DiRT 4 at the same time.
Ill expand on this concept, and how it would be different from Codemaster's games.

In FM, it would be you picking what race cup you started, and your team and you would purchase a car, and after every race, they would service the car for you. Another thing, you would have your own sponsors (custom non copyrighted sponsors) for your car, and each car (if you chose to) could have its own custom livery, (it should have limitations tho on how far you can go)

Another thing I would like added would be Custom race homologations, where you can pick What cars (if you want), Max horsepower, minimum HP, Max weight, Minimum weight, tire compound, class. That would spice things up, especially if people could make their own online lobbies, and have these custom homologation settings.

Also, one last thing, it would be cool if we had (yes i know a lot of people have said this already) rallycross. You could possibly, add a custom rallycross route config to Prague, Bernese Alps, etc, so we have a bit of a mix up type thing, and we could have out own separate rallying career with set cars, and set restrictions and that type of thing.

Please let me know what you think, too!

(yes i have been playing a bit of Gran Turismo lately lol)
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#238 Posted : Tuesday, February 9, 2021 6:05:23 AM(UTC)
Features I would greatly appreciate in the upcoming new Forza Motorsport:

Training and qualification sessions before each race (optional for career mode & multiplayer) - This is absolutely mandatory for a true motorsport game!
Race engineer comunication
Tyre weare + pit stops
Endurance races - multiple car classes in one race, all day + night racing (24 min race with time progression equal to 24 hour race like Le Mans, Daytona etc.)

Career - my team management (hire second driver, R&D upgrades for cars, sponsors, money management...)
Career co-op (2 players racing for one team in career mode)
Split screen races with AI bots
My own championship creation (single + multi)
Support for triple monitor, VR
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#239 Posted : Tuesday, February 9, 2021 10:23:20 PM(UTC)
I don't know where to post about this or the appropriate thread, but I'm posting this in this thread as it pertains to future Forza.

T10 and PG are doing a research program called Forza Feedback to try to get feedback from users on current and future Forza.
They also announce it through in-game messages and twitter, but there is one fatal problem with this feedback program.
However, there is one fatal problem with this feedback program: both the questions and answers are in English only.

The majority of Forza players live in English-speaking countries such as North America and the UK, but there are many players who are not good at English.
These players may be afraid to participate in these programs simply because they are English, and as a result, these programs may be biased to only get responses from English-speaking players.

In fact, many of my friends are hardcore Forza fans and have different opinions on this franchise that they love.
However, many of them are unwilling to participate from the start because these programs are only available in English.

Microsoft has branches all over the world.
I wonder if we could work with them to make some of the questions available in major languages other than English.

This would require a lot of time and effort to create the questions and collect the answers.
However, it would also help us gather input from non-English speaking players who did not participate in the program, and thus improve the future of Forza.
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#240 Posted : Thursday, February 11, 2021 3:04:27 AM(UTC)
Field of view and seating position (up/down/forward/backwards/left/right and viewing angle) should be configurable on every pre-configured view or better completely free inside and outside of car to meet the several driving rigs and TV‘s/Monitors. It would be also great to save these setting to the appropriate car.

Also there should be an option to make the arms and Wheel in Cockpit view invisible.

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#241 Posted : Friday, February 12, 2021 5:26:24 PM(UTC)
Introduction to me, I’ve been playing Forza Motorsport since FM2. With that being said, I’ll keep this real short and sweet.

Interior colors :
I feel you guys should implement different interior colors for cars, it’s gets boring seeing the same bland interior colors that you can’t change, Forzavista is a nice addition to the game that I appreciate, so seeing different interior colors would spice it up a bit.

We’ve been asking about adjustable field of view for literally a decade now, we want to be able to look all around the interior when we are driving or staying stationary.

Different Garage Vistas:
From the looks of the trailer, it seems we will be able to have a walk around garage with cars of our choice. It would be nice to have different garages instead of just “one garage”. As in case how Forza Horizon had different houses you could buy, we should have 5 to 6 different garages we could buy. Different lighting, different decor, car garages with 5 car spots or even the most expensive with up to 10 car spots.

Race Team Features:
It would be cool to have painted trailers, create a logo for your racing team, customized race suits specifically for your racing team. Having your race team livery painted on your cars.

Keeping majority of cars:
PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE do not get rid of all the cars you guys worked so hard to accumulate. The list of cars between FM7 and FH4 should all be taken into account. Even the HOT-wheel cars & BJackson cars should be taken into account. You guys shocked the industry with over 740 cars last game. Please shocks us again with the same amount or even more. It’s absolutely no reason to go from 740 to 400 cars again. That would be a huge disappointment.


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#242 Posted : Wednesday, February 24, 2021 3:24:14 PM(UTC)
No reason to reduce car count? Turn10 do not have unlimited resources and time, if we want to increase the detail per car, they must reduce number of cars. Or they’ll end up doing what GT did having premium (new cars with high detail) and standard cars (ported from previous game) to fill out the car count, that was not great.

Generally, the closer a game gets toward a sim, the fewer cars it can offer due to the amount of resources each car requires; i.e ACC has just 35 cars. Forza is in a fortunate position that it can utilize its existing assets and have a high car count / low detail in its (far better selling) Horizon product, so nothing is really being wasted. Also we are only taking about cars at launch, over course over the games considerable life 500 cars may well turn into 700-800 cars.

To be clear, by detail in don’t just mean visual i refer to;
- New exterior & interior scans / re-scans (e.g. R32 GTR)
- New sound recording & re-recording (e.g. Viper)
- Car specific suspension models (Strut, A-arm, multi-link, live axle).
- Ray tracing and textures (i think there good enough but MS are pushing this).
- Car specific drivelines (engine, gearbox, diff (characteristics & efficiency e.g Evo with AYC).
- Measure against real world data & feedback (e.g. performance & character of real thing).
- Replicating realistic upgrades (e.g Race spec, Aero, tuning, visible weight reduction).
- Damage modelling and animated pit stops (car specific).
- Balancing, AI and BOP system (very important to limit random cars).
- FOV, wheel and monitor support (in car visuals in particular).
- Force feedback (lots of fine tuning and testing).
- Testing, Fine tuning, more testing, more fine tuning.

You don't need 1000+ cars at launch... focus on those that will complement new features. Cars that compliment gameplay by better replicating experience of being a race car driver in various forms and periods of MOTORSPORT, not “we need (insert dull road car) because have one”.

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