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#26 Posted : Wednesday, May 6, 2020 11:18:56 AM(UTC)
May / June / July 2020 outlook

While Forza is not mentioned specifically in Xbox's 20/20 plans, these tweets from Aaron Greenberg on May 5th provide some timeline to watch:

"We have too much to show/reveal this year, it cannot fit into one show. So get ready for new stuff from us every month leading up to holiday. Starts with #InsideXbox on Thursday at 8am PT"^

"If helpful the Thursday [Inside Xbox livestream] will have Xbox Series X gameplay from some of our partners. Note many of our biggest partners are working on summer timelines, so this is the start of these monthly reveals. Expect a variety of unique games with some new 3rd party IP as well this month."^

"Common Qs: Thursday show will be under an hour. June news will be done differently than Inside Xbox show. July is the big Xbox Games Studios show, we will go around the world to see first looks & even new game announcements from those creative teams. Will answer more in replies."^

Q: so there will be a june show/event/thing then?
A: "There will be news we are planning to revel/release, but not an Inside Xbox show next month."^

Q: Will any first party be there? Even as a teaser of sorts for the July show?
A: "Nope, saving for big July show focused on 1P."^

Q: For july it will be several showcases or only one for everything in the same time and place ?
A: "One big show for July planned at the moment."^

"All of our major Xbox Game Studios releases will launch on PC and GamePass allowing our community to stay connected no matter where they choose to play."^

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#27 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:30:56 AM(UTC)
In response to a question about community feedback on the upcoming title, Chris Esaki tweeted on May 13th:
The lockdown certainty put our initial plans on hold - with licensing issues it is difficult to run public playtests and we r working that. Sorry for the wait i promise it will be worth it.
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#28 Posted : Friday, June 26, 2020 2:36:53 PM(UTC)
Announced on June 26, 2020: Microsoft is planning to permanently close its physical retail Microsoft Stores other than the flagships in London, New York City, and Sydney.

Although this doesn't directly address Forza, it would obviously affect purchasing the game and attending game launch events.
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