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#26 Posted : Wednesday, May 6, 2020 11:18:56 AM(UTC)
May / June / July 2020 outlook

While Forza is not mentioned specifically in Xbox's 20/20 plans, these tweets from Aaron Greenberg on May 5th provide some timeline to watch:

"We have too much to show/reveal this year, it cannot fit into one show. So get ready for new stuff from us every month leading up to holiday. Starts with #InsideXbox on Thursday at 8am PT"^

"If helpful the Thursday [Inside Xbox livestream] will have Xbox Series X gameplay from some of our partners. Note many of our biggest partners are working on summer timelines, so this is the start of these monthly reveals. Expect a variety of unique games with some new 3rd party IP as well this month."^

"Common Qs: Thursday show will be under an hour. June news will be done differently than Inside Xbox show. July is the big Xbox Games Studios show, we will go around the world to see first looks & even new game announcements from those creative teams. Will answer more in replies."^

Q: so there will be a june show/event/thing then?
A: "There will be news we are planning to revel/release, but not an Inside Xbox show next month."^

Q: Will any first party be there? Even as a teaser of sorts for the July show?
A: "Nope, saving for big July show focused on 1P."^

Q: For july it will be several showcases or only one for everything in the same time and place ?
A: "One big show for July planned at the moment."^

"All of our major Xbox Game Studios releases will launch on PC and GamePass allowing our community to stay connected no matter where they choose to play."^

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#27 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:30:56 AM(UTC)
In response to a question about community feedback on the upcoming title, Chris Esaki tweeted on May 13th:
The lockdown certainty put our initial plans on hold - with licensing issues it is difficult to run public playtests and we r working that. Sorry for the wait i promise it will be worth it.
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#28 Posted : Friday, June 26, 2020 2:36:53 PM(UTC)
Announced on June 26, 2020: Microsoft is planning to permanently close its physical retail Microsoft Stores other than the flagships in London, New York City, and Sydney.

Although this doesn't directly address Forza, it would obviously affect purchasing the game and attending game launch events.
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#29 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2020 7:23:23 AM(UTC)
Xbox Games Showcase - July 23

Today Xbox announced the date for the July update in its summer monthly "Xbox 20/20" plans - the Xbox Games Showcase (what we could think of as the annual Xbox E3 Briefing replacement). There is no mention of any specific games in this announcement, so by no means does that mean the inclusion of any Forza content, but given the possibility, this would be a key event to watch.


🎮 Xbox Games Showcase
📅 July 23rd
⏰ 9am PT

@SummerGameFest Pre-Show at 8am PT with @GeoffKeighley on @YouTubeGaming


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#30 Posted : Thursday, July 23, 2020 9:04:26 AM(UTC)
July 23, 2020 #XboxGamesShowcase Reveal

Trailer: Xbox YouTube | Forza YouTube | @Xbox Tweet | @Forzamotorsport Tweet
- gameplay showing the garage and racing on Laguna Seca, name and font

Article: Xbox Wire | fm.net/News
Forza Franchise Heading to Xbox Series X
by Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director, Forza Franchise
Jul 23, 2020 @ 9:20am

This May marked 15 years since we released the first Forza. Forza Motorsport was born from the team’s passion for cars and games. Over the years, we came to see Forza as a community centered around cars, competition, and creativity. As the Forza franchise has expanded, so has the importance of player-to-player connection and the immersion delivered through state-of-the-art realism. The Xbox Series X, with its focus on speed and power, provides us the opportunity to connect our players to the Forza universe, and to one another, like never before. It’s so exciting to start sharing our work with you.

Forza Motorsport
The new Forza Motorsport, currently in early development, is a reimagining of the series. We are taking what has made Forza Motorsport great over the past 15 years and pairing it with new game concepts and new technologies. With the new Forza Motorsport, ray tracing is coming to ForzaTech, you will see a dynamic world in 4K, 60fps, that is connected and dynamic – from surfaces of cars reflecting off each other, to brilliant red paint bouncing off intensely detailed track surfaces, and the interplay of light and shadow throughout the world. Developed by Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox Series X, Windows 10 PC and on Xbox Game Pass.

Forza Support Announcement/FAQs
Q: When will Forza Motorsport be released?
A: Currently in early development, Forza Motorsport will run at 4K, 60fps with scenes connected and dynamic. We can’t wait to share more details.

Q: What platforms will I be able to play Forza Motorsport on?
A: Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox Series X, Windows 10 PC and on Xbox Game Pass.

Q: Why is there no number in the name?
A: The new Forza Motorsport is a re-imagination of the Motorsport franchise. We are taking what has made Motorsport great over the last 15 years and pairing that with new game concepts.

Q: Why is there a new logo?
A: The new Forza Motorsport is a re-imagination of the Motorsport franchise. We are taking what has made Motorsport great over the last 15 years and pairing that with new game concepts.

Q: Will there be a cover car?
A: We don’t have anything to announce at this time.

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#31 Posted : Thursday, July 23, 2020 9:04:34 AM(UTC)
A closer look at 'Forza Motorsport' for Xbox Series X
A Turn 10 architect and Xbox director talk audio, visuals and latency.
Jessica Conditt, @JessConditt

It’s still in the early stages of development with no release date in sight, but Turn 10 studio software architect Chris Tector and Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald shared a few details about the game with Engadget ahead of today’s virtual showcase.

Tector oversees the technical direction for ForzaTech, the in-house engine that powers all Forza titles, including the Horizon series made by fellow Xbox studio Playground Games. He clearly appreciates automotive beauty, and thinks deeply about the sound, appearance and feel of Forza’s cars.

We talked about each of these subjects -- visuals, audio and latency -- in regards to Forza Motorsport on the Xbox Series X.

  • Ray tracing improves realism; without it developers would have to compromise with approximations that result in flat lighting.
  • "Convolution reverb is a large part of this upgrade. It’s essentially ray tracing for acoustics, providing a realistic, dynamic simulation of sound in any physical space. Using convolution reverb, Turn 10 developers are able to sample sounds in specific areas -- say, the plush interior of a luxury vehicle or the hollowed-out body of a race car -- and apply it to the proper on-screen scenes in real-time." This technology is enabled by dedicated hardware in next gen devices like Xbox Series X.
  • Low latency and dynamic latency input are important due to car speeds exceeding slow latency response times.

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#32 Posted : Tuesday, July 28, 2020 12:05:16 AM(UTC)
Forza Monthly - July 27, 2020 livestream

Video: YouTube | Twitch

Chris Esaki appeared during the July 2020 Forza Monthly livestream to talk with host Leahviathan about the unveiling of Forza Motorsport during the July 23rd #XboxGamesShowcase event. Highlights:

  • Foundational work on tools and tech allows the team to build cars and tracks more quickly, at incredible detail, and scale up for high-end PCs and Xbox Series X but also support lower-end PCs.

  • Motorsport forward: The 'Motorsport' portion of the new logo is the emphasized intentionally, and the Xbox Games Showcase trailer shows off how you the player and your team show up in liveries on and off track. "Doubling down on motorsport." "We are going to be the most motorsport Motorsport we've made."

  • New audiences: Game Pass helps bring in a new audience to the community. The development team has the most diverse backgrounds in a Motorsport team yet. A focus on accessibility and inclusivity. Working directly with members of the community about competitive experiences in Motorsport.

  • Player feedback: The ability to create and change content quickly allows for faster response to player feedback. "I really think of the new Forza Motorsport as as love letter to our longtime fanbase as well as a big welcoming to potential new fans that may come in through things like Game Pass." "The team, especially me, has been spending a lot of time with our streamers, our content creators, understanding their needs around their streaming and their content creation and community and what that means. We've read every forum post, we're all over social media, we know every single feature and car request that have ever come into the Forza Motorsport universe so I think we're pretty in tune. And I think we're set up in a way now where we can really deliver on that promise of those features."

  • Ray Tracing: Ray tracing is coming to Forzatech (the engine that powers the game). A whole host of other technologies to improve visuals on cars and track environments (photogrammetry, new laser scanning) help support what ray tracing reveals.

  • Immersive connection: "That word connection means a lot to me and the team. When I think about this next generation I think that's the word that really defines it for me." Ray tracing allows players to connect to cars and tracks. Next gen is "really about building this welcoming home where you and your friends can have a great time creating and competing."

  • "We'll be sharing a lot more soon."

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