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#1 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2019 5:05:05 AM(UTC)
Is there going to be a Forza RC this year or is it dead?
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#2 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2019 5:28:42 AM(UTC)
All of the Forza RC channels have been dormant since November, and will likely remain so until a 2019 season is potentially announced.

My tip: Wait until April. That's the start of the new fiscal year for many companies, and activities usually don't get announced until there's a budget (and many, many other factors) locked in place.
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#3 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2019 5:31:28 AM(UTC)
I would imagine they are waiting for the Forza Race Regulations system to be put into effect. That should simplify and speed up the adjudication process. Hopefully this or next month they will be ready.

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#4 Posted : Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:00:50 PM(UTC)
is their going to be a forza rc this year and if their is then where is it at can u have it in ohio please im tryng to compet
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#5 Posted : Friday, May 3, 2019 12:11:31 AM(UTC)
Quick Bump on this as I'd be keen to see if there is an RC this year.
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#6 Posted : Monday, May 20, 2019 12:00:30 PM(UTC)
Helo.Anybody here??The Forza Rc is live,or die this year??
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#7 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 1:13:00 PM(UTC)
Yes we want to know.
Forza rd 2019 ???
Yes or no..