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#51 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2020 7:13:56 PM(UTC)
I really think that ALL koenigseggs should be added as well as many other super/hyper/megacars
they're my favs and i'd really appreciate it.
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#52 Posted : Wednesday, March 25, 2020 5:22:18 PM(UTC)
It would be cool if it was placed somewhere in South America like Brazil or something. For the story mode or single player i'd really enjoy if they went back to the style of the 1st horizon title where you were just some teenager who enters the festival for the first time in what seemed like they're first car and there was only a certain amount of spots left in the horizon sign up and you had to get there fast. Give a small general story to the game. If they could bring back that feel of the game it would be perfect. Especially focus on the overall Horizon experience with the music festival part of it like the rave feel with the racing, instead of the "life" aspect and just the racing. Go back to the overall feel of what Horizon is. But still implement that "life" aspect though, just on a more minute level. As with characters they should do it the same way with Horizon 3, where to just pick your gender and race. Clothing is irrelevant, it doesn't make you go faster. In terms of the physics and controls feel, I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of Horizon 2. Felt very realistic on controller, but for wheel set ups, go with more of a Motorsport feel. Now the cars. You don't need 700 vehicles in a game. Forza Horizon 1 and 2 had a small selection, but a very good selection. Good variety. A little bit for everybody. Although do add a good amount at launch, and try to keep all cars classes even with one another. What I mean by that is don't add a million off-road vehicles and only a handful of race inspired vehicles. I noticed with Motorsport 7, Turn10 claimed over 700 cars at launch. Majority of them being off-road, big ol' SUVs, and or big heavy sedans like the Lincoln Continental and Chrysler 300. and With Horizon 4 adding a bunch of track oriented vehicles, such as the Camaro ZL1 1LE when we already had the standard ZL1 Also, this is Horizon and a video game after all, so it would be great if they add a lot more non road legal cars. Vehicles you wouldn't be able to drive on the roads in the real world, such as Nascars, Formula 1/Indy cars, and race oriented ones like the Ferarri F40 Competizione and the FXX-K, while still keeping a small car list, and good variety for everyone to enjoy. All in all just wish they would go back to there Horizon roots, while still implementing some elements from recent horizon titles, like route creator, etc.
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#53 Posted : Saturday, March 28, 2020 1:50:53 AM(UTC)
I think cars in FH5 should have different driving modes like in real life (for example SPORT, RACE, COMFORT that are standard, and others empty slots where you can create a custom driving mode) and you can switch between that while driving. Another thing I want in FH5 is the possibility to control the rear active spoiler in the cars by raising or lower it whenever you want. please add more customization to the cars, both original of the car manufacturer brand and custom. Add the map or other thing in the central screen of the cars, if available, and add the possibility to interact with that and with the driver's screen, if available, for example different templates like on mercedes or audi. If the car has a digital screen, instead of the classic speedometer, use the measure unit used in the game.
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#54 Posted : Monday, April 13, 2020 10:36:22 PM(UTC)
Hi it's me again again and could we plz have hubcaps that will have LED lights in them and can we also have hubcaps that will spin when ur vehicle is stopped (and can someone please help me out here of what I'm talking about plz) and also can we have LED headlights and LED monster eyes headlights (and to anyone who knows what they're actually called plz help me out here plz) and also for us to be able to use indicators and for us to have more control of our cars like the headlights, sunroofs, windshield wipers, to turn on/off our cars and to bring back winning cars from showcases and bring back car meets and have better barnfind cutscenes like back in FH1,FH2,AND FH3 and to have a story line like in FH1,FH2,AND FH3 plz and could we have our drivatars wear seat belts in FH5 atleast plz think about it playground games and also could we have name brand tire companies like Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Firestone, and the like and also have custom shops like SOFLO Jeeps,Rauh Welt Begriff, Liberty walk,Car Shop Glow,Garage GForce, Krazy House Customs,713 Motoring, DreamWorks Motorsports, West Coast Customs, Galpin Auto Sports, Ultimate Auto Orlando Florida,and BTS Customs and if y'all were to put these companies in FH5 then hopefully and prayfully that would solve all of them customization problems that y'all have with FH4 and also I already suggested some music for FH5 and plz forgive me but I've found more that will hopefully and prayfully will solve y'all's music problems and a couple of these will have to be in JAPAN in order for them to work Luffy's fierce attack ost,yume no Hajima ring ring album mix by kyary pamyu pamyu, lemon by IG kopiyama and Kobasolo,sakura,pipa,the rainy night, the path,time,smile,spring,summer, and autumn all are by the same people called LJY and everyone plz look them up cuz they have pretty awesome music and thems all of Japanese ones now these next ones can work out in any location for FH5 like another one bites the dust by the queen (and I know what everyone is thinking u are thinking 2 things 1. Why that old song and 2. That y'all are thinking that it would definitely would fit for a horizon series so ur welcome I guess LOL) the wolf by fever way (and I know what everyone is thinking but that's from far cry primal they can't get that song and also why would you even want to have that song to begin with well in my opinion it will fit in a horizon series but if they can't get the song I will survive ) good to be alive by Andy grammar, can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake, castle on the hill by Ed sheeran,home by Philip Phillips, I will wait by Mumford and sons,Link by jum yosef,OK by Robin Schultz featuring James Blunt,the storm by THeFATRAT featuring Maisy Kay,Fade remix by Reg Kaltani,savannah by Kristal Gandhi, stronger by Prismo,cloud 9 by Valesco,mighty fine by Otis Mcdonald, love runs out by OneRepublic,ark by ShipWrek and ZooKeepers,The Middle by Gavin James, High and Low by Empire Of The Sun, good life by Cardigan, I want you by Saint Raymond, should I stay or should I go by The Clash,Renegades by X Ambassadors, close to the sun by THeFATRAT featuring Anjulie,man on a mission by Oh The Larceny, we're dynamite Hallman remix by Craig reever featuring Hallman and Willow,believer by Imagine Dragons, thunder by Imagine Dragons (and I know exactly what everyone is thinking finally u mentioned some good music for once and once again ur welcome LOL) the father's house studio version by Cory Asbury (and if you listen to the song it does have a good beat to it) seasons by NeedToBreathe (and once again if u listen to it it's a pretty good song to be added to a horizon series) overflow by TobyMac (once again listen to it it's another song that should be added to a horizon series) manifesto by City Harmonic (once again listen to it it's another song that should be added to a horizon series) burn the ships by For King & Country(and once again if u listen to it it's another song that should be added to a horizon series) and Happier by Marshmello featuring Bastille and playground games if y'all still want to do it plz for FH5 do the continuous updates in FH5 like y'all have been doing in FH4 cuz I have no idea of how anyone else feels about the continuous updates but as for me I absolutely love the continuous updates so plz keep doing that for all future horizon series if y'all want to oh and also plz add more festival's like y'all have had in FH1, FH2 and FH3 cuz we've all missed that awesome feature so plz playground games bring that back to the horizon series in FH5

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#55 Posted : Friday, April 17, 2020 5:43:51 PM(UTC)
1. It would be great if all the cars in Forza Horizon 4 were the base cars in Forza Horizon 5, I think more cars is good because we have a lot of possibilities and ways to have fun.
2. Make the cars more expensive and less cars in the spin wheel because is to easy have a hyper car since the begging and this takes away the fun and sensation of collecting.
3.Over 1000 cars in all the game would be fantastic.
4.The possibility to change the interior color of the cars with standard colors and brand standard interiors to can choice.
5.The possibility to change the distance in cockpit view like other games and can turn the head around the cabin.
6. More than one brand standard wheel option.
7. Better hands animations.
8. I have no problem with the clothes and characters of we can have more would be good, because the differentiation factor is good to fell unique.
9. A bigger map with a bigger city or cities
10. Functional convertible cars, to can play with the car uncovered or covered.
11. More control in the car like headlights, can turn on/off, windshield wipers, windows.
12. Our driver with the seat belt of the car
13.A car meet because even a lot of people are playing in the server the map looks too empty with no one to play.
14. Maybe a realistic mode with the physics of the new Forza Motorsport 8, It would be awesome.

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#56 Posted : Saturday, May 16, 2020 2:50:47 AM(UTC)
i wish that Forza Horizon 5 will add the 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon and the 1963 Chevy C20 Fleetside with a lift kit option and/or wide body kit.
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#57 Posted : Sunday, May 17, 2020 9:17:13 AM(UTC)
How I'd like to see future Narrative and Progression of Horizon.

Have the next Horizon start with a showcase going through the seasons like FH4, but at the end the camera pulls back to show your player character watching the event on TV. Then another character (a friend of the player character) comes in to say that his uncle has some old cars they could fix up and take to the festival.
You go to an old barnhouse and open the door to find 3 old cars in there 1 FWD, 1 RWD, 1 AWD. you pick one, your friend picks another, quick montage of you 2 fixing up the cars then out on the road as you and your friend race each other to the festival site to sign up. along the way you encounter some obstacles forcing you to take a more scenic route and come across other Drivers on their way to the festival with all manners of exotic and fast cars.
As you get to the festival and sign up for the racing events you meat Keira (or whoever may be in charge of the Festival). As she gives you the rundown about the festival the Chief mechanic comes up and tell Keira that they need some more mechanics to handle all the new drivers coming in. Your friend mentions that they are a skilled mechanic so the chief tells them to come with him for a job interview. After the first few races your friend contacts you to say they got the job in the Horizon Festival garage and becomes your contact for your car upgrading needs.
As you do some races you meat some other drivers that are considered the champions of Horizon (similar to the NPC Drivers in FH1). Ideally one for each PI class in each racing discipline. As you race you earn influence within each PI class of each disciple you earn the right to enter a 5 race Championship event. After winning the Championship the previous Racing Champion for that class will challenge you to a 1V1 for the title of the Racing Champion for that Class. after beating all the Champions you are granted the title of The Horizon Champion.

If Anyone at playground games reads this. Please feel free to use any of my ideas. I want the next Horizon game to be amazing.
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#58 Posted : Monday, May 18, 2020 3:05:46 AM(UTC)
For the next Horizon installment please do not copy and paste car sounds like in Horizon 4. I've noticed there are a lot of vehicles that use the same sound file. For example, 81' Ford Fiesta XR2, 86' Toyota Corolla Trueno, and Mk1 Volkswagen Golf all share the same file, along with the 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth and the 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R which also share the same sound file with one another. It's understandable when you have is close to 700 cars, but in the future try to keep the car list number lower like in Horizon 1 and 2, and focus more on each individual vehicle. The early Horizon titles were great in terms of variety and without over doing it. Small(er) car lists but a little bit for everyone. Also add the manual versions of cars too please, I hate shifting a 8 or 10 speed automatic when I personally know there is a 6 speed manual option for the same car. I get that automatics are technically faster with more gears to handle shorter ratios for faster speed and shift rates, but it's easier to drive a 6 speed car with longer gears. Plus if you drive using automatic there isn't going to be much difference seeing how the game is going to shift for you. Basically if there is a manual version of a car, use that version. If there is no manual option for a car, then dual clutch/automatic. I just don't like when a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat has an 8 speed automatic, while a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio uses the 6 speed manual option, or at least it seems like it.
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#59 Posted : Friday, May 22, 2020 1:44:11 PM(UTC)
Hi there.
So you guys brought out the Pulsar GTIR this latest update for Horizon 4. Well for the next game could you bring out the N15 Nissan SSS Pulsar. It’s basically a newer, FWD, non turbo version of the GTIR. It’s extremely popular in Australia with people just getting onto their Provisional licenses and it’ll be cool to see how you guys can create an NA SR20 model in the new game. Also on the topic of that, could you possibly bring in lower classed models in the range including the car’s already in the car, this’ll allow people to choose between the NA and turbo/supercharged versions of the car’s and give it a bit of a median instead of having the highest models in the range all the time.

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#60 Posted : Friday, May 22, 2020 7:23:40 PM(UTC)
REAR VIEW MIRROR. How many times to I need to ask to have it in all views? Nice to see what is happening behind me. Seems like a standard thing you should always have no matter what camera you use.

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#61 Posted : Saturday, May 23, 2020 9:05:36 AM(UTC)
I would really appreciate Teslas in the game, and not just the '08 Roadster or 2013 Model S. The 2020 Tesla Model S Plaid would be an incredible car, but seeing the Model Y would also be really cool. I also definitely think the 2020 Tesla Roadster should be in the game, seeing as it will be the fastest production vehicle of all time.
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#62 Posted : Friday, June 5, 2020 3:28:20 PM(UTC)
- a lot more cars need body kits
- there should be different tab for performance mods and cosmetic mods(e.g. if you add a wing in the performance odd tab then you can go into cosmetics tab and change the look of the wing)
- we should be able to swap any engine into any car(within reason, so maybe no motorcycle engine in a unimog)
- all engines should be able to be naturally aspirated, turbo charged, twin turbocharged, and supercharged with either a positive displacement supercharger, or a centrifugal supercharger, and maybe even twin-charged
- we should be able to tune any cars exhaust after installing a race exhaust, to make it louder or make it sound stronger
- tire letters and rings of colour, like white walls or Bugatti Divo or Lambo Cento tires
- we should be able to change what type of transmission a car has, and how many gears the transmission has

- a lot of people want different versions of cars, not just the highest performance model(e.g. with the Bugatti Chiron we don’t just want the super sport, we want the standard, sport, super sport, and the pur sport models of it)
- we want more electric vehicles, like any Tesla or maybe even a Chevrolet Spark
- smaller, more economic cars in their stock form, that can be modified heavily, like a Smart car that can be turned into a wide bodied, high downforce track machine
- We need the ability to toggle weather a convertible cars roofs is up or not
- we should have the ability to use turn signals, fog lights, and hazard lights
- there should be more pickup trucks, and maybe even a few extra semi-trucks

- We need a nice, long, flat stretch of road that can be used to test the top speed of cars, especially since more cars are starting to go over 300mph
- there should be bridges, and maybe even roads under some bridges, like in FH1
- parking lots and multi story car parks would be a nice addition, especially if car meets become a thing again
-there should be a few tunnels here and there, for listening to a cars engine note

These are things I believe should be added into the next Forza Horizon game, I don’t expect all of these things to be added but I at least hope that a few get added.
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#63 Posted : Monday, June 22, 2020 10:45:08 AM(UTC)
With no news on when FH5 will be launched. I would like other users opinions on what they would want in the next instalment of the horizon franchise.
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#64 Posted : Wednesday, August 12, 2020 7:07:25 PM(UTC)
Hi again, just making another 2 wishes on this list.
I don’t know if they’ll be added to 5 but for the next game after that, but here i go.

The Globe - With the Horizon series, the developers have given us maps (which are awesome) and said that they’re based off different continents/countries such and South Europe, Australia and England. But they’re mainly fictional designs and layouts used to make it look like the places they claim to be, for example in FH3. All the places on the maps are real places within Australia, but the map is kinda just a mashup of all the towns, landmarks plus a few extras. And the towns look similar but aren’t identical in how they look in real life (like design wise). My recommendation is to allow players all over the world to be able to choose on the globe (not fictional but the actual globe used by like Google Earth or something like how Microsoft Flight Simulator generates the terrain off servers) and allow them to choose anywhere in the world and be able to roam around and even choose to live there. And also with that, it would also be good if the player is allowed to be able to travel within the country and all the other places in the continental they choose. And if they wish they can switch to any other country they want.

Car Database - We have over 600+ cars in FH4 and are still getting things added every month, which is awesome. But I believe if you guys should make a server dedicated for cars and when the player first comes into the game, they can choose whatever car they wish to own. And not just the highest classed or highest ranged cars, I mean every single car you can buy in the world, from the lowest ranged Nissan Micra to the Bugatti Chiron. And also if players wish to request a particular car they can.

I’d add more but they probably won’t be achievable, hope Turn 10 and Microsoft have a quick look at what I have to say.

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#65 Posted : Friday, August 28, 2020 1:32:48 PM(UTC)
Forza 4 has been some of the best car racing of this type ive ever had. Great Graphics - Great Cars - Great Locations - Great race types - Massive variety of cars - Online racing - Great Music - Great Sound. Ive spend alot of happy hours in this game, talk about value for money not even mentioning the expansions which i got quite late on.

So what im getting at is that Forza 4 nailed it for me - i have afew gripes but nothing thats big enough to NOT highly recommend it.

My Forza Horizon 5 wish is for pretty much the same thing again BUT obviously with a whole new area (Id love the swiss alps and italy or maybe even france)
Those european countries have some of the best roads in the world.

Afew more cars - better engine sounds - that anoying replay bug where the sounds stays stuck in 1st gear, ability to import music tracks and a new Massive map to explore and afew more new cars.

This would keep me going for the next few years.

Cmon you can do it.

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#66 Posted : Friday, October 2, 2020 11:18:31 AM(UTC)
I know you most likely not going to reply but I just want to make it clear on what I want in the new game, don't have to listen just my opinion(remember, fans are what make you going)
WE NEED - big open highways(6 lanes) , very BIG map, more REALISTIC car sounds, add unique cars (prefer 70's Ford trucks, 67" Shelby GT500,DMC delorean, 1978 FORD F250)
100 player lobbies(also PRIVATE LOBBIES), thunderstorms and hurricanes, REALISTIC car damage(Good detail to crash physics) PLZ READ - make cars louder(when I pass someone with a v10, I want them to hear it from a far distance) EXHAUST TUNING, not like NFS, but better, I would prefer the map to have right lane traffic, more realistic environment(birds chirping,wind sounds on cars, thunderstorms with a loud bang to scare you) PLZ HAVE ALL TERRAIN, FH3 was very good(desert,rainforest,city,blizzard mountain) WHAT WE DONT NEED - dancing emotes(cloths are fine but maybe a cut scene of your car doing a burnout or something) DONT MAKE EVERYTHING A V12 SWAP(I know kids play too, but just keep in mind that kids should play with kids and car enthusiasts play with car enthusiasts,BAD map location(dont have alot of rain) that's it for now plz REPLY and I hope some of this will help you produce the next horizon franchise, thank you
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#67 Posted : Wednesday, October 7, 2020 4:49:10 AM(UTC)
I wish the new game will have a battle mode. Don't get me wrong, I don't like play battles on a car game, or racing game, but if there exist such a mode, then the rammers will be happy with that and leave other online modes free of trouble, hope it works.

Other than that, I wish to see more casual modes such as cruise mode if possible please, and thank you. More casual cars is also a good idea to me.
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#68 Posted : Monday, October 19, 2020 2:49:35 AM(UTC)
After a long break I played Fortune Island on FH4 and was suprised that there was plenty of players drifting the mountain. It was a lot of fun to join them, but this got me thinking how it would be even better. So if you could have a "Points" -list on the screen for the closest drift area (also all speed zones etc?). So that the players in same session, or top 5 of them could be seen on the screen and how you do the zone compared to them. I hope this could make more people to join for free speeds or drifting when you can see the points others are collecting.

This is very close to the previous request I had about adding the top-10 list to forzathon lives. Who has the best top speed and who has collected most speed during this forzathon etc.
It would challenge much more that you see that you are second in this forzathon.
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