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#26 Posted : Friday, August 2, 2019 3:14:22 PM(UTC)
I would like to see FH5 set in Switzerland, With map access into Germany, France, Italy. The scenery would be spectacular. The Architecture could be modern as well as traditional.

On the interface !
Less time watching that dumb wheel spinning/rolling. That takes up so much time!

Rewards ! Keep them smaller, in FH4 it is so easy to get cash. Making the purchase of a car less rewarding. Currently I have over 100,000,000, most if not all the cars. And not much to play for !!

Barn finds, are good, but happen way to quick, and too easy to find. There is no challenge to them. Space them out over a much longer time period, and do away with the circle indicator on the map. Let us find them on our own. A year would be a good start, to filter them into the game. This would give them a better status, and value in the game.

As a non expert, I find the cars hard to keep control of. It would be nice to have say 5 stock tuned cars that can take a corner the same as the game controlled cars. So us average/below average players stand a chance to be competitive. (some of us do not understand the tuning, and thus struggle).

Change the obstacle attracting formula, It is laughable to see how the car behaves when close to an obstacle. Yes,, trees are magnetic. Yah right. Turn that side of the game off. Also please stop those traffic dumb cars that deliberately swerve to crash into you, it seldom ever happens in real life, so why have every second car try to bash into you !! Again stupid. And is so frustrating.

I spend most of my time in FH4, building tracks, I enjoy that side of the game very much. I would like to see in FH5 more starting points for track building, and have them spaced evenly through out the map. Not having three of four clustered almost on-top of each other. ( thats silly )
Can the start’s have a direction option, so we can choose the way to start !

Why do the day to day ramps and jumps vanish when building your own track, it would be nice to use them in our home made tracks.

When a car misses a gate, then gets inserted back into the race, can it be inserted at one side of the gate and not at its centre. The car suddenly appears right in-front of you so you crash right into it.

Back to barn finds, I would like to have say three of four of the barn finds to be missing vital components, so are initially unusable ! Then over time, the wheel spin presents tools, these you need to collect. Building up a workshop. Then and only then can your barn find be worked on with the required tools for the necessary jobs.

Then there are the components needed to fix or upgrade your cars, Some of these could be placed out on the map to find, ( Not obvious ) Hidden. Again not all are available, and are introduced into the game with those annoying updates. This would give exploring a new twist, and be worth doing.

Off road cars! Please give them better grip. At least when trying to go up a steep hill, I know you get slippage, but if taken slowly we ought to be able to get up a hill.

Engine sounds ! Can we choose the sound a car makes, and or turn its sound off. Some of the car sounds are horrid.

Upgrading! cars! Rear wings in particular. Please make the Forza wing smaller, and in-keeping with the car. Some of the wings are stupidly large, unrealistic, and dumb. ( fine if your 6 years old )

When a computer operated car gos off track! Can they respond the same as when my car gos off. !! They have exceptional grip and are back on the track so fast its not realistic. My car has no grip, spins, and takes so long compared to the game cars !!

In general make the game equal, all the Forza games to date have been so weighted in favour of the game cars, and against the player.

FH4, is wonderfull with regard to the visualisation, the weather, the detail. In particular ,the lighting is exceptional. (Lego, Brilliant ) I look forward to the next version.
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#27 Posted : Friday, August 2, 2019 11:08:30 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: MenstrualDoom Go to Quoted Post
A few that came to mind:
- SKIPPABLE CUTSCENES (I don't mind the horrendous babbling of NPCs in stories, since I muted the dialog audio after three seconds of LaRacer)
- Better, faster menues for... everything. Buying, selling, upgrading, customizing cars. It's all to slow and it needs a lot of streamlining. I don't want to sort through the menu's if I want to sell a car, which could be solved with: See cars -> sell -> done. And don't get me even started on how long it takes if I want to buy more than one car and upgrade, customize them all.
- A chance to repeat a wheelspin if we win a car we already have. Also, to have character customization items in wheelspins... that was the worst decision ever. I'm happy they're gone.

Also, if anyone has any tips for how to improve Forzathon Live, that would be great. The events are great, fun, chaotic, it's just a bit annoying when there's a drift stage and suddenly a majority of attendees just park and wait for it to be completed, so we can move on to the next stage. I get it, nobody likes drifting, but it would be faster if everyone chipped in.


Skippable cutscenes and faster more intuitive menu would be great!
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#28 Posted : Tuesday, August 6, 2019 2:36:52 PM(UTC)
More Festivalish Stuff. In Horizon 1 i felt a bit closer and connected to the festival smh.

I would prefer not to have Seasons. I'd rather have 'the summer of my life' again.

My real-life car Ford Focus mk2 ST ingame.

Thats it.
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#29 Posted : Monday, August 19, 2019 12:06:11 PM(UTC)
Sorry if my english is a bit off. But i hope you understand.

Hello i just thought about a kind of gamemode of some sort where there is to teams. So the first team could be criminals and then the other team will be police. Then the criminals will need to get to a loacation before the police capture the and of cause the police will need to capture the criminals before they get to the location. I got the idea from the popular trend on youtube with cops and robbers.
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#30 Posted : Wednesday, September 4, 2019 9:40:36 AM(UTC)
Alright, sorry if my spelling and grammar is wrong :/

I'd love if you guys make it more realistic. So like the dirt road first. When your on the dirt road would you be able to make mud or like particles of dirt/mud fly at the screen like the water. Another thing I'd like to see is more smoke. So like if your doing a long burnout would you be able to make the smoke bigger? I would love to see the new cars come into the game like the new Corvette that just came out and the new Ford gt. Would you guys be able make the brake caliper paintable? Also can we have new wings that arent the same. Like the forza wing, can you add more than one forza wing so theres more options? The headlight colors. Can you make them change color like.. The color light. So like the hellcat. Imagine making it red instead of white. Like something like that. But like for every other car. If its possible. Would you be able to let us have turn signals? The back lights of the car. Can you let them be tinted as well? Would you also give us the option to have voices for our people and can you make like a store in the map where you can go to buy clothes. So like a shop? Ig.. Also can you make the weather more realistic and like the sun. Can you add these cars btw -> 2020 Toyota Supra, Koenigsegg Jesko, Bugatti Divo, Bugatti La Voiture Noir and the McLaren Speedtail but please dont put the cars in lock bc it makes it as hard to get the clothes and it's really not that fun... :/ Thank you tho.
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#31 Posted : Friday, October 11, 2019 12:17:52 AM(UTC)
I´ve would like the option of getting my own car in the game. Say that you would have an phone app for photographing your own car in real world from all the different angles (augmented reality wise, the app would tell how to take photos and from what angles, distances and so on ). Guess that it would take tens or close to hundred photos for getting all the details. Then it would stitch the photos to a 3D in-game model car of your own.

Guess there would be some licensing issues or so, but it would be really cool and something brand new that no game has to this date. And maybe it would help the developers to getting car information that they in turn could use for perfecting the 3D-models of more casual road-cars in comming forzas.
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#32 Posted : Saturday, October 12, 2019 5:28:52 AM(UTC)
They should fix playground games. You can’t change the map sizes and all of the maps on horizon 4 are all off road which takes the fun out of it. It just turns into a game of luck then skill which is killing the playground games community which like to play king/infected. I’m which it’s probably dead at this point
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#33 Posted : Saturday, October 12, 2019 9:10:04 PM(UTC)
If FH5 features motorcycles then will see car vs motorcycle battle.
I would like to see FH5 set in Japan with map access into South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
The scenery would be awesome.
Thanks microsoft and turn 10 studios.

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#34 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2019 1:17:11 AM(UTC)
No more ranked adventure replace it with xp championship from fh2 and fh3
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#35 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2019 12:43:04 PM(UTC)
my suggestions for nwe features that will give the forza horizon 5 upgrade:
- when the rain and snow begain to fall dwon the outside vesion become uncleare, you may use the exact outside vesion of forza horizon 2.
- add 4th lane in the highway.
- add horn, flashing lights.
- using flasher lights and turning lights on and off.
- add black steel rims.
- add the same break featuer (heavy or slight mood) to the handbreak
- add the routation of the driver head with the vision (right and left) while turning the weels in the interior angle.
- make the routation of the stearing weel like the real life.
- make the map have several suburbs such as (desert, cantry and civilized regons).

by adding the previous features, forza horizo 5 will become game for all gamer who like to play the old version of the game and the games that are similer to it
if the following cars not included in the 1000 cars that will be in the forza horizon 5 please add them as purchas packages:
1. LIXUS GS 350 F sport 2019
2. LIXUS IS 2019
8. NISSAN skyline R33 4dors
9. NISSAN skyline R34 4dors
14. MAZDA 6 SEDAN 2009
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#36 Posted : Friday, October 18, 2019 9:14:33 PM(UTC)
The GR Supra and the A80 should be included.
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#37 Posted : Sunday, October 20, 2019 3:19:44 AM(UTC)
An option to disable loading screen music if the soundtrack ends up being as bad as FH4's.

Even after over a year of hearing them I still facepalm hearing 'don't cha?' that 'rock' song that's just a guy shouting incoherently and the other 'rock' song that is yet another guy shouting + a drummer who sounds like he was let out on day release from his local asylum.
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#38 Posted : Wednesday, November 6, 2019 11:56:04 AM(UTC)
So first of all I think that it would be cool to have FH5 to take place in Tokyo, Japan.

Alright lets get into the cars.

By the way im not sure if there is a difference between the 2020 toyota gr supra and the 2020 toyota supra so thats why i put both of them down.

1. 2020 C8 corvette
2. 2020 Toyota gr supra
3. 2020 Toyota supra
4. 2020 jeep gladiator
5. 2018 Lamborghini Huracan performante
6. 2020 Tesla roadster
7. 2018 Tesla Model X
8. 2018 Tesla Model S
9. Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R Guaczilla
10. Either 2017 or 2018 or 2019 jeep wrangler 4 door please
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#39 Posted : Monday, November 11, 2019 9:51:40 PM(UTC)
Just to begin with, I am not putting this in a thread because it will just get lost with all the other ideas.

This will also be a page where people can just write down everything they want in a giant long post

I'm going to be breaking this down into categories, so here we go.


Now I know this is a very controversial topic, so I won't get into what location I want (West Coast US), but what feature I want.

Race Courses: Now I know we received a NASCAR-style track in the Lego expansion in FH4, but I am talking more road course style. I want twists and turns, plus long straights all in one track. This will give us a chance to race on a real course with our friends.

Long, twisty mountain roads: I cannot stress enough how important this is. With the Fortune Island needle climb, (almost) EVERYONE loved it. It was a giant place where we could drift up and down and up and down and so on. If we do not have one of these roads in FH5, there are going to be some REALLY angry people.

Dunes/Sand area: This isn't on everyone's top priority for FH5, but myself and a bunch of my friends enjoy the sand dunes. This is an area where we can all just jump around and earn a whole bunch of skill points. Plus, it is just a fun area. Also, the added beach and sunrise/sunset make for great photo shoots.

Rock Crawling Area: Ah yes, an idea I haven't discussed since early FH3. Rock crawling would bring whole new physics to the game, with us needing taller trucks and crazy suspension. Rock crawling areas have always been a dream of mine for Horizon, so that is why I included them.


More off-road: I feel like sometimes this game is lacking a lot of off-road vehicles and there upgrades. I want to be able to take say a 70s Squarebpdy and lift it up to be an off-road machine. Slap on some huge tires and a light bar, and you're set. I also would like more off-road presets, such as a light bar and bigger tires.

Widebody: Us in the drifting commu REALLY like the wide bodies. We would be super happy if you kept adding more of the, to more cars. Thanks.

V8 and Blown Motor: I would really like the option to V8 swap more vehicles and add a blower to them. Just the other day I was reading an article about a blown 60s Mini Cooper with a V8. I tried building it in Horizon, but it wasn't possible.

DELOREAN: Enough said.

New Features:

Tuning Menu: This is one feature the us drag racers are DYING for. Say you were to press on the d pad to get to photo mode. We want an option to where you press on the d pad and open up the tuning menu. This makes quick tuning drag cars a lot faster.

House: I would really like the option to be able to pull up to my house, drive my car in, and the view it/store it inside of a viewable garage. That would be awesome.

If you made it all the way through this, thank you for reading, and I hope, you have a great day.

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#40 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 8:20:47 AM(UTC)
I already have a wishlist for FH5 y'all can see it in the where do you want forza horizon 5 to take place next literally the whole post is a wishlist LOL but if I have to say one in this forum it'll have to be for forza horizon 5 to be in (screams at the top of her lungs) JAPAN!!!!! And also for y'all to please put K-LOVE (a.k.a. 94.1) and y'all can see more details of it on the where do you want forza horizon 5 to take place next forum so please go check it out for more information on the 94.1 radio station

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#41 Posted : Saturday, January 4, 2020 6:08:47 PM(UTC)
All I really want in FH5 is for more tuner cars to either return or be introduced.

1. Mazda Veilside RX7 FD
2. Nissan NISMO 400R Skyline GTR R33
3. Toyota Veilside Supra Fortune 1999
4. Honda Do-Luck NSX
5. Nissan Veilside Fairlady 350Z
6. Nissan NISMO Z-Tune Skyline GTR R34 (I'm talking about the tuner car, not the body kit we have right now.)
7. Mitsubishi HKS Evo CT230R
8. Honda Mugen Civic Type R
9. Mazda RE Amemiya RX7
10. Nissan NISMO GTR R35
11. Subaru Impreza S204
12. All of the MINE'S tuner cars (Mitsubishi Evo 6, Nissan R32 & R34 GTRs)
13. Subaru Tommy Kaira M20B
14. Mazdaspeed RX7 FD
15. Toyota Top Secret Supra
16. Honda Mugen S2000

And I would also want PGG to do 4 DLC expansions instead of just 2.

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#42 Posted : Saturday, January 4, 2020 6:38:51 PM(UTC)
Well, here it is. It's done. My entire list of things I want in Forza Horizon 5. This ranges from gameplay mechanics and quality-of-life changes, to future barn finds and music. I've been working really hard on this since November, so if you have a grievance with a certain feature please be sure to explain why.


1. Horizon 5 absolutely needs to be set in Japan. It's required, nobody should abject this.

2. The mysterious, iconic, hidden "Unrecoverable Supra" can be found as a Beauty Spot.

3. Now that Toyota's back, can we have the 2020 Supra as the cover car?

THE HORIZON FESTIVAL---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Go back to the game's roots festival-wise. Have lots of emphasis on music and live performances. This being stated, disable the feature seen in 3&4 where you can change music on the fly at the Festival Site.

2. Legitimate Festival T-Shirts. The first shirt you unlock in Horizon 4 is a festival shirt, but it's incredibly generic. The starter shirt in Horizon 5 should say "HORIZON FESTIVAL 2021" on the front and on the back have a lineup of all the bands and artists whose music is going to appear in the game. You know, like actual music festival shirts??

3. Actually have the bands performing on stage. Music is emitted from the stage, but no one is there, or if there is, it's a generic NPC. Have the actual band members performing the songs onstage. I know the expensive long process of getting a real person in a game, but they're going to be seen from a distance, they don't have to be super detailed, just resemble them from a distance.

4. Make the music sound legitimate. When you're at the festival in Horizon 4, the music coming from speakers is just the studio recording. I suggest two versions of each song saved in the game. The normal studio version when you're away doing races or cruising around, but have a recorded version of when the performer(s) played a song live when you roll up to the festival. This will make it SO much more immersive.


1. Hyperdrift Radio- Due to the game's setting being Japan, we need to get into the mood, style and aesthetics of Japan of course. Hyperdrift Radio is a brand new station that features Eurobeat and Vaporwave music, perfect for drifting and flying past opponents.

2. Please bring back the custom music option from Forza Horizon 3. I know Groove Music has been retired, but I think a Horizon X Spotify collaboration would be really nice. When it comes to 100% completion players like me, the current music gets REALLY old when driving. Hey, a Spotify shirt would be a free unlock if you connected your account?

3.What if each season had it's own music lineup? I know it'd be expensive to buy all that music for use, but it'd be worth it in my opinion.

4. Horizon XS features these songs (among others) (starred* songs are HIGHLY recommended)

Black Pistol Fire - Level*

Cage The Elephant - Broken Boy*

Death From Above 1979 - NVR4EVR*

Dinosaur Pile-Up - 11:11 (Radio Edit)*

Riverboat Gamblers - A Choppy, Yet Sincere Apology

Greenleaf - High Fever*

Kasabian - Fast Fuse

Liily - Toro*

Plauge Vendor - I Only Speak In Friction*

Rise Against - The Violence

Royal Blood - Where Are You Now?


5. Horizon Pulse features these songs (among others)

Shamir - On The Regular

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn


6. Horizon Block Party features these songs (amon- you get the idea.)

Gang Starr - Now You're Mine

LL Cool J - Rock The Bells

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You*

Kabuto The Python - Spetsnaz*

Busdriver - Imaginary Places

The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By*


7. Horizon Bass Arena

Andromedik - Forever* (this should play during the opening race to the festival)

Bloc Party - Flux (12" Instrumental Remix)

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust* (Junkie XL Remix)

Kavinsky - Testarossa (SebAstian Remix)

KNOWER - Time Traveler

Matrix & Futurebound - All I Know*

8. Hyperdrift Radio (like Timeless, they're not affiliated with the Festival.)

Ace - Tokyo Lights*

18 Carat Affair - Desire*

ESPIRITにちは - espirit.wav

ESPIRITにちは - iwillbe.wav (Extended Mix)*

Crystal Castles - Crimewave*

Dark Angel - Right Now

Dave Rogers - Deja Vu

Dreams West - Tribes*

Fastway - Rockin' Hardcore*

FrankJavCee - SimpsonWave1995

GLOOMCVLT - Banned From Living*

Go2 - Looka Bomba

Hotblade - Manifold Love (Eurobeat Mix)

Jean Love - Steel Blade

Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love*

luxury elite - Temptation

luxury elite - Mall Madness

Manuel - GAS GAS GAS* (Extended Mix)

Max Coveri - Running In The 90's*

MF DOOM - Zatar*

Nando - In My Supercar*

The Snake - Freedom Ride (Eurobeat Mix)

(seriously, if any of the above songs get put into the game i'll lose it)

AUCTION HOUSE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Currently in the game, if someone makes a bid in the final few mins, the auction timer is raised by a minute. This can go on indefinitely provided all the bidders have infinite money. This is fine, but I think it should have a limited amount of additional time given before the timer won't renew.

2. Private auctions. You can tag 1-4 users and have a private auction between only them. However, there is no max buyout, you actually have to make an auction bid, and the start bid is locked at the highest average price. Getting your rides sniped will be a thing of the past. Perfect compromise since the gifting car feature was removed.

3. You can save and monitor auctions for later. If you see a nice car with a low bid but a high buyout with several hours to go, you can come back and bid on it in the last few mins so you don't attract attention and get 70 people bidding on the car.

4. The Auction House is updated automatically and new auctions submitted are live. You don't need to back out and search again to get new auctions showing up.

5. In car histories, the date they were purchased/won is there.

6. You can track your sold cars and see if they're available again.

7. Your AH purchases and sells (that's not a word, is it?) are permanently logged, along with the date, the price, and who bought it. It's all kept in a comprehensive list.

SKILL SCORES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Ultimate Airs are buffed to 1,000 points

2. BETTER SKILL REGISTRY. I cannot count how many points worth of skill chains i've lost because the game didn't count a wreckage or drift skill at the last second.

3. The skill score multiplier has an actual timer next to it. The fading text isn't enough.

4. Your skill score timer cannot run out mid-air, the timer is paused until you hit the ground. This has been a thing in the games and it infuriates me as it discourages players to not make big jumps.

5. Rewind should be a perk added, this perk would let you rewind "once" during your skill chain and keep it. Rewinding to gain a lost chain wouldn't apply.

6. Foresight should be a perk added, this perk would have traffic show up as tiny dots on the minimap so they're easier to avoid.

MULTIPLAYER & FESTIVAL PLAYLIST----------------------------------------------------------------------

1. You aren't required to win an event for it to count towards your completion. Sure, you won't get the award, but it should count for the playlist regardless. It's annoying having to forcefully win a Trials or Playground Games event just for a car you already have so you can get a Playlist Completion Award.

2. In ranked, cars should be permanently ghosted. Eliminate the opportunity for rammers to ruin the race entirely.

3. Missing a checkpoint should not force a rewind. Missing one basically dooms you to last place in multiplayer. Instead, it should give you a temporary slowdown.

4. To prevent wallriding, only slow the player if they're physically touching the wall. The current system is too sensitive and will penalize you even if you simply love-tap the wall.


6. I suggest replacing freeroam rush with a Burnout Paradise-style racing type. Basically, you can take literally any route to the finish (asphalt and dirt), but you'll get reset if you drive off the road for longer then 10 seconds. Find your own route and figure out the fastest to win. This will actually take thinking and skill, and doesn't sound like the devs quickly and lazily thought it up.

7. Playground Games has three different gamemodes. You can have a team win with a best 2/3. So why on earth is it a best 3/5 on the game? This is just plain inefficiency, it should have three rounds.

8. 100%ing a season should award 5 super wheelspins. 100% on a Series would be 10 super wheelspins.


1. Super Wheelspins will not contain common items.

2. Wheelspins will not contain Autoshow Cars under 600K credits or under Legendary Rarity. To balance this out, getting cars will be rare.


1. Tire Compound swapping shouldn't cost so much PI. The fact you can literally skip entire classes just by putting on race tires is ridiculous. Putting race tires on some D class cars will sometimes bump them UP TO A CLASS.

2. For the love of everything automotive, nerf AWD swapping. The fact you instantly get maxed out launch and acceleration as well easier handling basically forces the player to AWD swap all their cars to be competitive. It's stupid, and doesn't feel right. AWD SHOULD add a little bit of launch and acceleration, but swapping to AWD should mainly go to building rally cars.

3. When downloading other Tunes, the thumbnail of the tune will reflect the bodykits and wings/spoilers applied. I absolutely HATE forza aero, and when I can't get a certain PI and head to the tuning marketplace, all the thumbnails are the same despite the car having different kits applied, and it's a literal guess to find one without the ugly kits.

4. Applying race weight reduction will actually remove the other seats and change the interior.


1. DeBerti Designs, Pre-order cars, Barrett-Jackson, and Horizon Edition cars are in their own manufacturer categories.

2. Pre-modifed cars (like HOONIGAN) will have their creation year the time they were modified, not the year the stock model was created.

3. Sorting changes will be saved. If you organize your cars by PI Class, they'll stay that way unless you change it again.

4. You can create custom categories like in Motorsport.

5. New rarity: one-of-a-kind. Not sure what color it should be, but it means in real life, only one of the car exists. This applies to cars under HOONIGAN, Formula Drift, ETC. Also racing cars like the Audi Quattro S1, #199 Subaru WRX and the VW IDR.

FESTIVAL SHOWCASES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. You can blueprint showcase events. You obviously can't change the route or what you race, but the vehicle you use, the weather, the season, and the song that plays you can change.

2. Drag Car on a straight VS. Skateboarder using a mega ramp would be pretty cool.

GAME PHYSICS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Please, i'm begging you. Don't change the drift physics at all. Horizon 3's drift physics had such a high learning curve i still haven't mastered it after all this time. Horizon 4's was hard, sure, but it took a reasonable amount of time to master. Drifting physics are creamy-smooth right now, please don't change it.

2. Roadside objects slow you down waaaaay too much. This is an arcade racer, the only object that should actually slow you down when driving through it should be the drystone walls. Also, your cars should be able to break through them at any speed, getting stuck behind some tree or wall because you weren't going fast enough frustrates me.

3. The debris from broken roadside objects should become intangible after a second or so. If they get stuck behind a curb or bump up and you're driving a low car, it will literally keep you from getting up the curb, and sometimes bounce you back. How does that work?

CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. More character age types. Current playable characters are fine and should return, but please, add some other options other then all the characters looking 24-32. It'd be neat if you could play as some old 48 year old boomer, or a young 19 year old kid. Getting tired of every selectable character being a millennial. More age diversity please! Also one template character should be the original Horizon 1 protagonist, complete with RBF.

2. Legitimate body customization. While the classic default characters should serve as templates, it'd be nice to be able to change hairsyles, hair color, beard/mustaches for the dudes... HOWEVER, these should not be wheelspin prizes and all be available from the start of the game.

3. Drop the dances. Please.

4. But if you're gonna keep em, add the Spongebob Shuffle, Flare, and the Kazotsky Kick.

5. Stop with all the ridiculous cosmetics. I get if you want some goofy headbands and hats, but cut it out with the big-eye googles, crowns, pumpkin masks. dumb chicken costumes included.


7. Custom clothing. Like ones you can apply vinyls to.

CAR CUSTOMIZATION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Using other people's vinyls should NOT lock your design. it SHOULD however give a 3% cut to the original creator of the vinyl. The creator would also be notified that their design is being used.

2. Options to remove front/rear bumpers, as well as the hood one some cars would be sick. Certain upgrades would make previously unavailable body removals usable, such as adding a Twin Turbo swap your Lamborghini would make the rear removable.

3. Window stickers! However, you can't cover the entire windshield/window. You can cover the edges and passenger side of the windshield with as much as you like, but you can't just slap a massive sticker over the entire window/windshield.

4. More bodykits from brands in general.

5. Different Forza Aero options. The only one currently available is hideous on 99% of the cars in the game.

6. Front/rear bumpers as well as doors can be painted individually.

7. De-badging cars is an option.


1. Street Scene should be one of the available race formats for custom routes.

2. Blueprints are deletable.

3. Street Scene should feel more illegal in general. Police sirens should be heard in the distance when doing a street race, and a police chopper flying over the race would be cool. Police will never chase or interact in any other way. This is Forza, not NFS.

4. On higher difficulties, you must stay in-between the checkpoints for them to count. Driving directly over a flag doesn't count, although hitting the inner side does.

5. Option to switch cars at the Race Start menu.

6. When doing festival-based custom routes, Horizon barriers, screens, and bleachers will be present. This will automatically be done by the game if the player uses a straight or corner used in a developer-created route.

7. Option to choose which direction the race starts in with custom checkpoints. It's extremely annoying finding the perfect start to your race only to find out the start is pointed in the opposite direction.

BARN FINDS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Obviously not all, just suggestions.

1. '98 Toyota Supra RZ

2. '85 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex

3. '94 Mazda MX-5 Miata

4. '87 Nissan Skyline R31

5. '67 Nissan Fairlady Z

6. '95 Toyota MR2 GT

7. '84 Honda CRX

8. After unlocking a barn find, the same car is now available in the Autoshow. Autoshow based cars can be deleted, unlike their barn find counterparts.

HORIZON EDITION CARS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Once again, just suggestions.

1. 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
(Air Skills Boost)

2. 2002 Nissan Skyline GTR R34
(Speed Skills Boost)

3. 2020 Supra GR
(Drift Skills Boost)

4. 1985 Toyota Trueno
(Drift Skills Boost)

5. 2018 McLaren Senna
(Credits Boost)

6. 1969 GTO Judge
(Burnout Skills Boost)

7. 2011 Koenigsegg Agera
(Air Skills Boost)

8. 2002 Enzo Ferrari
(Speed Skills Boost)

9. 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
(Speed Skills Boost)

10. 2002 BMW M3-GTR
(Near Miss Skills Boost)

11. 2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV
(Destruction Skills Boost)

12. 2001 Acura Integra Type-R
(Near Miss Skills Boost)

13. 1997 Honda Civic Type-R
(Skills Boost)

14. 1992 Honda NSX-R
(Drift Skills Boost)

15. 2003 Honda S2000
(Credits Boost)

16. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
(Air Skills Boost)

17. 2012 Eagle Speedster
(Speed Skills Boost)

18. 1962 Peel P50
(Skills Boost)

19. 1975 Ford Bronco
(Destruction Skills Boost)

20. 1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMI
(Burnout Skills Boost)

21. 2012 Bowler EXR S
(Destruction Skills Boost)

22. 2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10
(Influence Boost)

23. 1985 Ford RS200 Evolution
(Air Skills Boost)

24. 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
(Credits Boost)

25. 2003 Volkswagen Golf R32
(Skills Boost)

26. 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder
(Speed Skills Boost)

27. 2005 Ford GT
(Near Miss Skills Boost)

28. 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor
(Destruction Skills Boost)

29. 1971 Meyers Manx
(Air Skills Boost)

30. 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z
(Drift Skills Boost)

31. 2010 Lexus LFA
(Influence Boost)

32. 1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6
Idea: under the hood in forzavista, have the message "take care of this one! -Dak" written on the engine cover in sharpie. Nice little throwback. Only on the Horizon Edition.
(Near Miss Skills Boost)


1. Everything you can access in the in-game pause menu can be accessed in your house.

2. Tuning and paining cars will have a little garage area when doing so. The car out on the driveway looks boring.

1. Don't. Just don't. It't garbage, and of all the things that have been added to Forza Horizon 4, this is by far the worst. Lay it to rest. It's not fun, and the game's realistic-spin-on-arcade-racing makes this even worse. The map makes the whole experience terrible as well, it wasn't designed for this, and even the fact you have to activate to "fight" a player just shows how you were grasping at straws in the first place. This is coming from someone who was initially excited to try this gamemode out. I understand losing because i screwed up and crashed into a tree, that's fair. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HAVING TO GO 2MPH OVER EVERY LITTLE DIRT BUMP BECAUSE I'LL EITHER SPIN OUT, FLIP, OR GET ROUTED INTO A BUILDING.


1. In the options menu, you can have a choice to replace randomly generated Xbox accounts with actual racer names. Some could even be throwbacks, like naming racers Darius Flynt or Dak. Feels kinda soulless to race against people named "WackyRiver3829" and "SadBottle4356"

2. With harder difficulties, stop making the Drivatars more unfair to race against. Make them drive SMARTER. Have them use braking as little as possible, have them fully gun it on straights. The rubberbanding on harder difficulties is absolutely ridiculous, especially with the one drivatar who absolutely SMOKES everyone else. They drive like they're on slot tracks, and it just isn't fun. Giving expert-unbeatable drivatars cars that have impossible engine swaps, unreachable horsepower, ETC. shouldn't be in the game. I want to feel like i'm racing actual people on higher difficulties.

3. Bumping/making extended contact with drivatar's cars will make them try to get away from you. They'll beep if you ram them or tailgate too long, have muffled music playing inside the cars, make them feel like real people.

4. Drivatars will autoghost in freeroam mode, and spawn MUCH less frequently. Horizon 3 has been almost ruined because of the sheer amount of drivatars that spawn, and the ones that ram into you, for some reason.


1. I'm being honest here and i'm just saying I really don't care about the seasons feature. spring through autumn has barely any gameplay difference, and winter is just plain annoying. It's your pride and joy for whatever reason, so I really don't expect for this feature to be retired.

2. I do think you should be able to freeroam in any season you want at any time, but switching seasons would not let you do online events or connect to Horizon Life until you changed it back. Forcefully being stuck in winter for a WEEK straight makes the game no fun to play.

3. I mean... what if seasons worked realistically?

-December 1st to February 28th: Winter

-March 1st to May 31st: Spring

-June 1st to August 31st: Summer

-September 1st to November 30th: Autumn

Combined with the "play privately in any season you want" this would be great. Also, it won't be in-game summer during real-life christmas time like it was last year!

HORIZON STORY----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Stop making some chapters so hard to three-star. Especially in these weird, convoluted ways where you have to take some alternate route that's never referenced in the game at all. Take one of the LaRacer chapters, it's impossible to three star unless at the start, you pull a full 180 and go backwards, THEN you have a chance to thee star it. Have you heard of a thing called foreshadowing? hints? They're pretty big in games these days.

2. Why not have a real racing celeb like Ken Block be the star of a HOONIGAN based Horizon Story? Imagine if Tesla came back to the game and Elon Musk decided to show up at the Horizon Festival to have a Horizon story based around Tesla and other electric cars?


This is all the cars I personally would like to see featured in the game. Starred* ones will not be available in the Autoshow and will be seasonal rewards.

1. 2016 Apollo Arrow*

2. 2004 Gumpert Apollo

3. 1985 Honda City Turbo II

4. 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

5. 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

6. 2008 Top Gear P45*

7. 2017 Honda Civic DX

8. 2018 Nissan Sentra

9. 2020 Supra GR

10. 2010 Lexus LFA

11. 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

12. 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

13. 2015 Ferrari P80C*

14. 1967 Ferrari Thomassima II

15. 1985 Toyota Trueno

16. 1995 Toyota MR2 GT

17. 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport

18. 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Performante

19. 2020 Aspark Owl*

20. 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

21. 2020 McLaren Elva

22. 2020 Aston Martin DBX

23. 2020 Ford Bronco R

24. 2013 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak

25. 1982 Nissan 240RS

26. 1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S

27. 2014 Equus Bass 770

28. 2011 Hyundai IX20

29. 2012 Scion TC

30. 2007 Toyota Camry

31. 1993 Volkswagen Fox

32. 1979 Toyota Tercel

33. 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

34. 1977 Lancia Scorpion

35. 2005 TVR Typhon

36. 2002 TVR Tamora*

37. 1971 Ulyanovsk UAZ-469

38. 1955 Alpine A106

39. 1999 Toyota Altezza RS200 Z-Edition

40. 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser


Well, it's finally done. Hope the devs decide to read through this since I put a ton of work into it. Maybe the sheer size of this thing will get their attention. Thanks so much for reading through this (probably skimming, i don't blame you) If any of my music/car/design suggestions make it into the game i'd completely lose it. Hopefully Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece, regardless of what's listed here.
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#43 Posted : Saturday, January 4, 2020 8:02:57 PM(UTC)
48 year olds are not boomers, they are Gen X.
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#44 Posted : Saturday, January 4, 2020 8:10:48 PM(UTC)
Well thought out list but i'll be honest, as someone who's played since Horizon 1 I could not careless about the music or the festival. The game was at its best with H2,it was just a car game. From the get go you had access to almost every car and there was no auction house for people to job. It wasn't frustrating, it was just fun. H2 was freedom, while H4 is micromanaging personified. Start with the mind set of H2 and build from there, oh and allow us to walk around at least in auto shows.
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#45 Posted : Monday, January 6, 2020 12:34:57 PM(UTC)
If this is in the wrong section, kindly direct me to the right.
This is pretty much going to get removed but I have no idea where else to put it...
I'm here to discuss my ideas, and a bunch of my friends' ideas for the next horizon game.
As you all know, its a 2 year release gap for horizon games (well i hope)

I've been an avid Forza gamer ever since Forza Motorsport 3, so these ideas come from an experienced Forza player. (I don't mean to blow my own horn)

A lot, and i mean A LOT of people (Youtubers, forza community) Have wanted the map set In Japan. Mostly Tokyo. I believe this would be a success, not only because it has worked in pop culture films and shows, but the architecture and buildings would be perfect for a city sprint or circuit race. Also that Asia is home to the most notorious automobiles. It would be awesome to see the home country of these manufacturers Also it might be worth noting that to get to one side of the map to the other takes around 4-5 minutes, But in The crew 2 it takes about 30 minutes.

As of Forza Horizon 4 there is a lack of street cars and cars from the Motorsport series (Also a lack of Toyota). This would make races more diverse and overall make it more fast paced. As of FH4, Most of the cars sound similar. This could be fixed by pitch turning, down or up depending on what car it is. As we all know, 2019 has been a phenomenal year for hypercars. Ranging from the senna, to the project one. Could we potentially see some concept cars too? Also maybe we could get some new camera angles, like mirror angles.

Horizon pulse, Bass Arena and Block party keep the same! Maybe get rid of Horizon XS, as i believe it is the most unpopular. Heard of Initial D? You knew I was going to bring this up. Maybe add in some Eurobeat tracks. Heck, maybe make a station dedicated to Eurobeat. Drifting in a trueno apex listening to Deja Vu will be amazing. Pulse could potentially get some Vaporwave music or Chill music. Also, i think forza music should be a mix of remixes, and Tracks. Sort of like Running in the 80's (not a typo) as it would add to the atmosphere.

No real Progression (AKA free rewards for no reason)
Clubs are useless (no more member ranking, no CR bonus)
Menu screen is very confusing.
Reused old models
wheelspin content (Add more cars and not silly hats and costumes)
drone height
lack of fresh content and ideas
Not being able to see where you came in a race in case you want to go back & retry it.
A lot less races then other Horizon titles
Not enough traffic especially in the city & motorways in both modes.
No solid motivation/story for progressing.
Emotes. They are just a waste of wheel spin space.
No car meet like in FH3

Look at FH3's success and gain inspiration
There was always something to discover.
There was smaller in-game tasks. (not chapters)
It had the most diverse setting
Continued to improve after it was launched.

New camera filters like a vaporwave filter etc
Realistic physics engine.
Bring back the boss system (Setting up festivals in locations.)
noticeable sound difference between stock and tuned
more variation in parts and tuning, some cars are limited to 1 single turbo and the 2 generic engines, let us do crazy builds like s15 with r35 engine, Golf r with the audi 2.5L, different exhausts etc
more cosmetic options instead of the genric forza spoiler
let us adjust the wheel spacers, not with presets.

Please, make this game the best it can be.
Thank you for your time!
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#46 Posted : Friday, January 24, 2020 10:43:34 AM(UTC)
If FH5 will be set in JAPAN I've got some ideas like for the houses (that is if they will still be in the next horizon game and this can apply to any other location in case that the JAPAN club will be beaten) and that is what if we can explore the houses to see what they look like from the inside instead of the outside and another pretty cool idea would be and for this other idea would have to be in JAPAN in order for this to work which is what if we could meet our favorite anime characters like hatsune miku, goblin slayer, how not to summon a demon lord, date a live, one punch man, one piece, naruto, dragon ball, gintama, magical index series, scientific railgun series, initial D,quintessential quintuplets, helpful fox senko san, my hero academia, seven deadly sins,the rising of the shield hero, and many many more (and Yes I know it's really is to much to ask but still it would be cool though in my opinion anyway) or either that or have us cosplaying as them on our drivatars I mean I think that it would be cool to as well and also (and this can apply to any other location in case that JAPAN gets beaten and that is to have a bigger car list or better yet have a huge garage place for all of ur cars and u can walk in it and pick out the car that u want to drive in and can still collect even more cars without having to run out of room unlike in FH4 which everyone can agree with me on this one and finally all that all of us community are asking for more than where we want FH5 to take place next all that we are asking for more than that is that FH5 will be one of the best horizon games ever in history unlike FH4 and trust me everyone can agree with me on this one to as well and also can y'all possibly please bring back the hiring and firing our friends like in FH3 and also that whatever racing events are that they tell us how much credits we'll get from completing it also like in FH3 and also have east bound and down and hot n cold songs to be put in the game I think that it would be neat to have especially the eastbound and down cuz it would be the first country song to be put in the forza series and also could or can we experience pot holes in the game for once just to see and feel what it's like to run over one and the same thing for speed bumps (to anyone who sees this last bit and including u amazing developers Yes I know it's stupid and what not but i just want to know what it's like to see and feel what it's like to run over a pot hole and a speed bump) and also could we have a horizon story where we can drive firetrucks, ambulances, and a crown Victoria, where we be answering emergency calls just to see what it's like as a first responder (just a thought and I know that it would be very difficult for u amazing developers to pull this part off)

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#47 Posted : Saturday, January 25, 2020 6:59:57 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Novaly6933 Go to Quoted Post

Well, it's finally done. Hope the devs decide to read through this since I put a ton of work into it. Maybe the sheer size of this thing will get their attention. Thanks so much for reading through this (probably skimming, i don't blame you) If any of my music/car/design suggestions make it into the game i'd completely lose it. Hopefully Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece, regardless of what's listed here.

this will never happen, PG arent car people and so isnt the majority of the people that buy it, expect a reskin of FH4 with shiny graphics but same everything, they never listen and never will

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#48 Posted : Monday, January 27, 2020 1:41:49 PM(UTC)
I really think that these cars need to be in the Forza horizon game With an Aussie DLC Car Pack

1971 Holden LC Torana GTR-XU1
1973 Holden LJ Torana GTR
2017 Holden Commodore SSV Redline
2017 HSV GTSR W1
1987 HDT VL Group A
1976 Holden LX Torana SLR
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#49 Posted : Thursday, January 30, 2020 11:13:13 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Novaly6933 Go to Quoted Post

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#50 Posted : Monday, February 10, 2020 5:06:15 PM(UTC)
Hello it's me again LOL can we have hot n cold by katy Perry (if that's the name of the song and I could be wrong) and also can we have can't touch this by mc hammer in FH5 please now for what I'm about to say in order for this to work it has to be in JAPAN for it to work and that is can we have nightcore music and anime theme songs and ending theme songs like for an example one punch man season 1 theme song by JAM PROJECT and for an ending theme song SILENT SOLITUDE by OXT from overlord season 3 (I'm pretty sure and to the otakus who see this plz forgive me 🙏) RISE (English version)from THE RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO and two of the theme songs from one piece 1. HIKARI E by MU-RAY 2. the one from BOYSTLE (and to any one piece fans to otakus who see this plz forgive me 🙏and to anyone who knows what exactly I'm talking about plz help me out here for the nightcore and anime theme songs and anime ending theme songs I will greatly appreciate it if anyone will) can we also have a song called edge of my seat by TOBYMAC featuring COCHREN & CO it's like them other K-LOVE songs from where do you want forza horizon 5 to take place next plz atleast think about it plz and also could y'all please bring back songs from the previous horizon games like don't stop by foster the people, and how you like me now by the heavy, and tied to you by the knocks featuring justin tranter,and wildlife by outasight,and ride or die by the knocks featuring foster the people, and some other songs from previous horizon games cuz I know that y'all have a lot of complaints about your music in FH4 so either bring some old songs back or try to get some better songs but atleast plz pick them 5 plz pretty plz

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