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Rank: Driver's License
#1 Posted : Friday, October 12, 2018 10:34:13 PM(UTC)
Hi. The program starts, I get the Microsoft Studios and turn 10 Studios animation. Then goes the screen saying that it is loading and the window closes after a few seconds. My computer has an Intel i7 with 8 cores, 16 GB of RAM, nVidia GeForce 740 with 4GB of RAM, above the minimum requirements. I have reset the app, I reinstalled the app, I shut down my Xbox One X. It does not work. Is it a known issue stopping the app from running? Where can I ask for a refund?
Rank: S-Class Racing License
#2 Posted : Friday, April 26, 2019 6:23:44 AM(UTC)
Almost the same issue here, Turn 10 screen then it goes black. I have my FPS counter on and it pegs at around 1800 and freezes. I tried resetting the app in app settings and it loaded one time now it freezes again.

32Gb ram.