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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 9, 2018 4:24:04 PM(UTC)
The new open track day meetups are a great addition.
The only thing that bothers me is that no one ever votes for a new track. On the days I do get to play when I'm not working I usually spend about four or more hours messing around in the track day lobbies and I have to say they are getting very boring very fast.

I love trying to set great lap times against other players or just hopping out to build a new car and trying something I wouldn't normally try in a MP Race lobby, But this hopping between open track lobbies and finding that they are just the same three or four over and over are getting a little tiresome.
I don't know what other people have experienced with this new mode, but there only ever seems to be a maximum of three to four lobbies at any given time.

Of the people that do vote which is usually just one or two, They end up leaving from boredom, Which means that the track never ends up changing as their vote is reset to 0%, At least form what I can see.
Could we not have an option for a set amount of time that a track is active or maybe have the percentage of votes required reduced. Or maybe an incentive to vote more often !?
Maybe a thirty minute per track timer. I've spent up to an hour on one track and only seen one vote. I feel that most people just either ignore it or just don't bother.

Since release I have had the pleasure of playing only a small handful of the total tracks the game has to offer in this mode. They are not rotated enough.
My favorite track, Bathurst has only popped up once since open track day was implemented, but things like the Nurburgring which is by far the "Best Track Ever" Comes up a lot, which is pretty good.
There are other tracks I would like to race on and when they do pop up on the voting screen they are never voted for as like I said, no one bothers or leaves from boredom. If they do show up in the vote screen it's a long long time before anyone or enough people vote for them !

We really need a new way to get access to other tracks for the open track day lobbies.
I'd really like to start my own open lobby with a specific track selected and have it set to open to everyone rather than having just private as an option. I have friends, but not on FM7, Which means I cannot start my own private lobby, And even if I did there would be no way to set it to open for everyone afterwards.

Also... What the hell were you thinking by allowing X class owners/rentals into open track days ?
At least 80% of them just ram !
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#2 Posted : Friday, October 12, 2018 12:11:44 AM(UTC)
I agree 100%. Another thing I've noticed is that on open track day mode, there's a lot of people who do absolutely nothing. Their car becomes a ghost and is just left sitting on different parts of the track. Like if you're not gonna do anything then leave and make space for other people trying to join.
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#3 Posted : Friday, October 12, 2018 8:54:29 AM(UTC)
That's a good point. An inactivity timer would be most welcome. Even though they are ghost on the tracks they sometimes can be a slight distraction and can cause you to lose sight of your cornering or just trying to set good lap times.
I sometimes just chill out for 10 or so minutes as I race with a wheel and it can become a little tiresome after a while, Especially as sometimes with the no voting and the same tracks over and over I can spend up to an hour or more in the same lobby, but I never idle on the track itself.

Would be nice to enter the pit lane and chill there without having to be forced out to rejoin the track.
I guess some people like to race with simulated tyre wear, so I guess we'd need an option for pitting to rest and one for pitting to change out tyres.
Don't know how they'd do that though.

Also if they did add an inactivity timer it would have to be something that would reset after a few seconds of high speed movement and not just a blip of the brake or throttle or just a slight movement back and forth !

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Be quick or be Dead !