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#376 Posted : Tuesday, June 30, 2020 9:46:02 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Clutch Nixon177 Go to Quoted Post
Nobody is forced to collect all cars. If you're not ok with that new gameplay idea, just finish the base game with the DLC content and you're done with the game. Move on...

Sure, nobody is forced to do anything in a game (that's why it's a game and not work), but a lot of players do enjoy collecting cars, and car collecting is very heavily promoted in-game, in the dev livestreams, and on its store page so it's not like it's a tangential part of the game either.

Just like how I don't care about multiplayer at all personally and as long as I'm not forced to do it to get a car I'm interested in, I couldn't care less about all the problems online with rammers and cheaters. Does that mean that I should tell players who enjoy multiplayer and talk about the problems with it that they're playing the game wrong and they don't need to play multiplayer to have fun just because I don't enjoy it?

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