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Rank: A-Class Racing License
#26 Posted : Thursday, November 29, 2018 4:59:05 AM(UTC)
Been off due to Broadband issues here (thanks Virgin). So I've quite a few updates which I'll spread over the next few days.

Post Pogini, my brain was a little fried so I went about tweaking the Bugatti Chiron. Why? Well with the new tools available in the paintshop I was able to present the Chiron as close as possible to the real deal as I'd implemented a few compromises in the original (rear end is now dark blue). That and little things like the wheels are spot on to the actual car too.

Again because of my little head hurting post Pogini, I knocked out a Fantasy Team Wolfpack Tron themed BAC Mono aka the WolfBAC.

The Team Demon, Gumball 2018 Spirit Winners is now out for the Dodge Demon (finally)

Going through my garage I realised I'd had a Camaro SS drop from a wheelspin.
Straightaway I had to slam the Jon Olsson Gumball 2015 USA legs Gumball wrap on it, with suitable mods in tow too.

Then finally, my good friends Team Salamone.
Have finally gotten hold of the Aventador SV and with the ability to mess with some of the wheel finishes, I was able to give the car it's purple chrome finished wheels.
Also a couple of graphical tweaks have been squeezed in.

(entered into race livery competition)

More soon.
Gumball 3000 Livery Replication.

Rank: X-Class Racing License
#27 Posted : Friday, November 30, 2018 6:56:38 PM(UTC)
Well, Virgin's loss is our gain. You really made use of time there Polizei, I'm always blown away by your liveries. Really liking that Bugatti. They are all awesome as always though.

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