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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 3, 2018 12:25:40 PM(UTC)
This might be nitpicky but considering accurate design and sound are a priority of the Forza Franchise, figured I'd bite.

Okay so I think I've noticed this problem on other cars but particularly the Jaguar XKR-S. Especially when I picked up my XKR-S GT and did some comparing:



Despite the lighting, I think it's clear to see the taillights are fully colored on the XKR-S GT model and yet they aren't fully colored around the backup lamps on the blue non-GT. I have a video too.

(Around the 12:32)

It's just odd. The XKR-S non-GT has returned in just about every Forza since FM4, save for FH3, and it' never had this issue and I looked up multiple videos from those games online, even Forza 7. The lights are normal. And ofc its normal irl too so its not like it was wrong before and adjusted. So I'm confused as to how this happen. Again no big deal but it's weird.

What are the possibilities of this being fixed? Or can I contact some Devs some way, through email maybe? Otherwise I'm just gonna give my XKR-S up and stick with my GT no biggie!

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