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#51 Posted : Monday, December 2, 2019 11:16:18 AM(UTC)
Just got FH3 and the two DLCs thanks to a couple crazy Black Friday sales and gotta say it's interesting. After 11 months on FH4, I'm at the point where a few hours of seasonal challenges and I'm done for week, so jumping into new-to-me FH3 was a lot of fun. There are still a few things I don't quite understand -- the whole skill point platform, for example, and my seeming inability to mirror livery designs to the opposite side of the car (unless I'm missing something) -- but all in all it's quite refreshing. I'm tearing around the main map in two up-tuned cars, the FJ40 and Datsun 2000 (neither of which is available in FH4) and I'm working on getting all the bonus boards before diving much deeper into the game. The routes are a bit more fluid and don't seem to have FH4's crazy bends every few hundred meters or so. I checked out Blizzard Mountain and thought it was just meh (not a drifter) but the Hot Wheels DLC looks to be a blast, way more fun that FH4's Lego Valley.
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#52 Posted : Tuesday, December 3, 2019 4:03:22 AM(UTC)
Hey guys. I have fh3 on my windows 10 laptop and for some reason when I press the key to start, it just keeps saying "Loading. Please wait" at the bottom left corner and for about half an hour I left it do this and it still never let me sign in or anything. I noticed it's a little laggy at first when it says to press the key to start, but during the time thet it's laggy, it won't even let me start when i press the key to start. It's an infinite loading screen. Please help me.

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#53 Posted : Saturday, March 14, 2020 5:59:36 PM(UTC)
fh 3 tracks are just **** loads better for me the bulk of play time on a horizon game is leaderboard times in every class pretty much since u can pretty much always manage to get pretty far up in a pretty wide variety. I mean finding out how competitve a hummer can be off road randomly while **** ng around with a friend, building a ford model a monster for low pi boards and so on i have spent over 200 hours on tuning and fine tuning of a select few cars alone not to mention quick setting up for test purposing etc. Fh 4 with its online experience got pretty dull fast. I must admit though that when u have a nice lobby on fh4 its just the superior product but only due to convenience of how everything is set up, its less effort to jump in and out etc.

fh4 has no real tracks where multiple laps are enjoyble ,i mean it if u swap back and actually pay attention to track layout and how much difference there is in tracks it very fast becomes a no brainer wich is better. A racing game needs most of all good tracks otherwise its not worth the time....
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