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#26 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 4:53:13 AM(UTC)
In my opinion:

#Forzathon Achievements in Forza Horizon 3 kept me coming back every week for over 2 years. This got Credits, discounts off cars and locked cars that nearly all could get. Unlike FH4 where cars are locked behind the ability Levels for the top 2% or so.

FH4 graphics/Seasons way better than FH3.

Come back after two years of FH4 and the answer may be different tho'.
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#27 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 5:37:28 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: HLR Moss Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: Briisace Go to Quoted Post
FH4 for me. Having new content set in a different season every week keeps me interested. After you unlocked all the festivals in FH3 the ony single player content is grinding championships.

You forgot to mention the Class Based Event Leaderboards and Rivals in FH3. They provided infinite replayability for me.

FH4 is a weekly exercise to complete Forzathon and Seasonal events. A few hours at the most, then it’s back to FM7 to build, tune and race some cars.

I have no interest in driving around the same empty track for hours on end.
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#28 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 5:41:05 AM(UTC)
Imo, overall Horizon 3 delivers the better package. It launched way more polished and most features had some meat to them. There was a sense of progression (which Horizon 4 completely lacks after the prologue), a better online mode, Rivals, bucket lists and generally a higher production quality. BUT the terrible PI system killed a lot of fun for me because everything somewhat competitive had to be a powersliding AWD-rocketship. Who didn't love the "rev-banger" WRX on A-class which would put the current Bone Shaker to shame? 1000bhp 70s muscle car on dirt races dominating rally cars? What a blast.

Thus, for building&tuning cars Horizon 4 is way better. The rest...nah; average at best.
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#29 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 6:00:43 AM(UTC)
Ok, FH 3 had more festival sites, but I prefer the houses in FH 4. Because they match the landscape better and now you can look at your car and pop open its hood (forzavista) outside of the building unlike in FH3. If we could only change daytime, this feature would be perfect.

Forzathon is now better, because you decide what you get for your hard earned FP. In FH 3 you were forced to do certain tasks to get some desired rewards.

The route creator is a nice addition compared to the plain blueprint feature in FH3.

In general, FH 4 gets more content updates and love frome Playground games than FH 3 did at it's time.

And now that Mitsubishi Evo's are in, I don't need to come back to FH 3 anymore. I don't care about the Toyotas and Lexus.
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#30 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 8:17:49 AM(UTC)
MP wise - FH3 is better.
Everything else - FH4 is better (although I miss the ability to make custom championships).

FH4 is probably not in its final state yet - so a bit early to give the final opinion.
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#31 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 9:58:02 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: gamer1000k Go to Quoted Post
FH4 has seasons (but then they ruined it by not allowing players to choose the desired season for free roam), a custom route creator (with a terrible UI) and some neat cars (and some proper driving roads), but in terms of gameplay there's been so many regressions with game progression, the loss of class choice in multiplayer and player-created custom championships, and obscene amounts of locked content among other things that it's not even funny.

Nailed it! My thoughts exactly with H4.
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#32 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 10:15:13 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Briisace Go to Quoted Post
FH4 for me. Having new content set in a different season every week keeps me interested. After you unlocked all the festivals in FH3 the ony single player content is grinding championships.

FH4 is better for me simply by location and of course the seasons. I played FH3 so much I dont even wanna see Australia anymore lol. I only turn on that game to collect the CR and then back to FH4. I dont need much, new locations, new goals and new rides. MP could be better but i'll manage until fixes come
Forza junkie since FM2. Horizons are the break I need from the track.

FH4 and I have a volatile love/hate relationship 😑
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#33 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 10:20:17 AM(UTC)
Need for Speed Rivals
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#34 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 11:00:49 AM(UTC)
Really forza H 4 is better than three because you really have so many more things like stunts and chapters
but the character dressing up and doing emotes is just plain stupid
and that when you start a race it very stupid to always show some white screen and a floating glitched car that's always opens its hood
otherwise is good I guess
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#35 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 12:10:24 PM(UTC)
In my case FH4 is way better:

- Much better driving physics while using a wheel and better force feedback.
- Quality is better - HD/60fps ect..
- Map is better than 3, plus the additional seasons (I still think the map FH2 was the most satisfying geographical location for me)
- More interesting infrastructure, twisty roads (but still not enough), dirt roads, locations, drag strips
- Houses (brings old TDU memories back <3)
- Photo mode is way better
- More cars
- More car customisation options
- More character customisation option (although they could have skipped the ridicules emotes)

- FH3 has way better car sounds (Its a shame how poorly they have implemented car sounds in FH4, a huge downgrade and it brings me ,and other car enthusiasts, a feel of enormous dissatisfaction.
- Multiplayer, I think don't need to explain this one..
- We need (improved) car meets like in FH2
- The world feels lifeless some how. I find it difficult to find like minded people who just want to cruise (convoy) around.

Then at last, I understand they want to grow and reach to other players, but instead of adding cringey emotes, Devs should focus and invest in a better game experience and more refinement. Let people open the convertibles, paint brake callipers, let us play our own music, give us a garage feature (dream garage), car meets, more additional parts ect ect. In other words, give us more reasons to go back to the best Forza game of its time.
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#36 Posted : Monday, February 18, 2019 1:21:20 PM(UTC)
Damned that's so ... Subject saying that FH3 is better gets moved to FH3 .... what if one creates "FH4 is worse" in FH3 forum, get moved to FH4 ???
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#37 Posted : Tuesday, February 19, 2019 11:04:21 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: xPREEMOx Go to Quoted Post
I love games that add more content but not when they add unnecessary things and remove things I enjoyed. Maybe I'm in the minority but I'll take class based rivals and the old multiplayer points system over clothing, emojis and the current multiplayer any day all day.

Yeah, clothing and emotes. Bleeugh! All FH4 needs is a Battle Royale DLC to truly be the Fortnite of car games.

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#38 Posted : Sunday, February 24, 2019 3:38:43 PM(UTC)
I don't know if I should be sickened , disappointed or depressed.

FH3 was a horrible disappointment for me in the long run, every time I came back I had less of a reason to..

FH4 was a step up in a way, they've updated the sounds (what is this downgrade BS anyway?) and I also like the clothes and emotes cause maybe I want to give a bit personality to my character. (Pink bowlers are pretty stylish if I say so myself)
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#39 Posted : Sunday, February 24, 2019 3:41:29 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: LordReindeer0 Go to Quoted Post
Devs should focus and invest in a better game experience and more refinement. Let people open the convertibles, paint brake callipers, let us play our own music, give us a garage feature (dream garage), car meets, more additional parts ect ect. In other words, give us more reasons to go back to the best Forza game of its time.

If I can piece this correctly it just sounds like a fever dream that won't happen due to realistic reasons (limitations, resources, etc.)

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#40 Posted : Sunday, February 24, 2019 3:43:19 PM(UTC)
I'm gonna get banned again
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#41 Posted : Sunday, March 31, 2019 11:29:50 AM(UTC)
I am one of those people that never played any Forza game whatsoever until last year when i bought FH4. After nearly completting that game i bought Forza Motorsport 7 but that didnt tickle my fancy the same way FH4 did, so i went ahead and bought FH3 with both expansions. And i have to say that FH3 is indeed better imho, the multiple festival sites makes more sense than the houses do in FH4. And i acctually like that not everything can be run through like in FH4, like the rails on the road and trees and stuff should HURT when you hit them....Also the after race screen is way more pleasant in FH3 compared to FH4(imo). And FH3 has Groove music, FH4 has nothing....

I want to see the festival sites expanded to have more use for the player(s). Maybe some missions that give you access to the aftermarket parts or rare sponsor deals? I also want to be able to customise my festival sites more. nothing advanced but like where the stage goes and stands for the crowds and colors and whatnot, just more of the festival customisation stuff. And maybe they can expand on the radio channel sponsor thingy to missions where you have to win something or do something to sign this and that radio and so on, just make it feel like you are progressing instead of just giving you a choice as to what station you wanna sign. Clubhouses? Maybe let chose hardtop or convertible?? Monster trucks? Track racing with a bigscreen so people can park their car and watch a race? ;) Random barn finds each season? Spotify integration? Change headlight colors? Neon under cars? :P Actual dragracers!

Maybe merge Forza Motorsport and Horizon somehow? ;) So people out in Horizon can watch races in real time on big screens!

This is just me spitballing :P but it would be so cool

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#42 Posted : Monday, April 1, 2019 11:26:24 AM(UTC)
I think nothing is better than that horrible disaster called Groove Music
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#43 Posted : Thursday, April 18, 2019 5:44:27 AM(UTC)
I think Horizon 3 has a better soundtrack.
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#44 Posted : Thursday, April 18, 2019 7:49:08 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Megudeth Go to Quoted Post
I think Horizon 3 has a better soundtrack.

Especially now that they've edited the FH4 soundtrack songs to censor various words.
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#45 Posted : Monday, April 29, 2019 7:31:35 AM(UTC)
Here are a few of my observations, as FH4 was my first Horizon game. I have only played FH3 about 12 hours.

-With FH4, I was completely lost at the beginning. No guidance whatsoever. Even the prologue was vague as to what one should be doing. FH3 gets things started off very well & clearly and provides a great amount of guidance so far. As a matter of fact, FH3 is currently throwing too much stuff at me. Not sure whether to expand the festival site, chase down new racers, or explore the new races and mystery venues (marked with question marks on map), or attack the bucket lists. The in-game voice (Keira) is very informative and keeps things moving. I like it this way though and feel like I will be busy for quite a while.
-FH4 seasonal championships........ so many venues, cars, classes, seasons, but only 3 seasonal championships every week? Not enough. Fortune Island seasonals just keep repeating.
-FH3, love the real-time challenges of drivatars while free roaming.
-FH3, bucket list challenges. Only had a few so far, but lots of fun. "Hoon around the goldmine and collect X amount of skill pts."
-FH3, in-garage menus, fonts, colors are better than FH4. The fonts are bigger and clearer. In FH4 the small fonts that change from white/gray to green as you install parts is always very difficult for me to see. I am 80% red green color blind, so I appreciate FH4's corrected colors in the mini-map, but this doesn't translate to the garage screens.
-FH4 has more destroyable stuff
-FH3 screen lag.... I usually have to re-launch the game every hour, because the screen starts lagging, making racing/exploring impossible. In FH4 I can play for hours at higher video settings. As much as I am loving FH3, but this screen lag will keep me from buying VIP or the expansions if I can't figure out how to improve it.

(May 6 update/edit: I installed 8 GB RAM in my system, bringing total RAM to 16 GB. This solved the screen lag problem.)

-FH3 water effects make driving in water or rain almost impossible. Bumper cam is my primary view and when raining or (even just sitting in) water the windshield spatter makes visibility too difficult. It is a neat effect, but annoying while driving. I believe every view has this ridiculous amount of water on screen.
-FH3 cannot Fast Travel enough. I am spoiled after playing FH4 where I can fast travel to any point I want. At this early stage of FH3 I understand I need to find all the fast travel boards so hopefully Fast Travelling improves as I progress. For both games, forcing new players to pay so much to fast travel seems backwards.
-The game mechanics, car physics, environments, and graphics are awesome and similar in both games. I feel I can jump from FH4 to FH3 without re-learning my steering wheel.

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#46 Posted : Wednesday, May 8, 2019 3:44:09 PM(UTC)
I think FH3 is better personally.

Perhaps it's with living in Britain but I find FH4's map extremely dull, no memorable/unique places like the dam in FH1, the docks or Castelletto itself in FH2 or the sheer diversity of each place in FH3.

Progression was a lot better, the game had more longevity for me (I got 1500G in FH4 last week and now feel no desire to go back whatsoever until Fortune Island goes on sale or another update adds achievements).

Horizon Stories are just tarted up Bucket List events and there's still plenty of PR stunts in FH3, some of which require actual skill too unlike FH4 where any half decent driver will nail all of them easily.

Personally I find the seasons makes no difference unless it's winter in FH4 so the lack of that doesn't bother me at all, there's still plenty of variety in the weather and I don't have to wait a week or sometimes even longer for certain conditions to occur in the world.

The Forzathon's were worthwhile with good rewards instead of daily 'challenges' which are just minor inconveniences that you can do in 2 minutes or weekly ones which are just longer inconveniences with inconsistent tracking for lots of people.

The multiplayer? Doesn't even need comparing, it would be offensive to FH3.

But most of all FH3 for me did something better than FH4 that can't be explained in any technical terms, it just felt better to start up and play, the game felt vibrant, colourful and fresh, had I not got FH2 to carry on with I'd be going back to it now I'm done with FH4, for now anyway.

Also if you want a fair comparison of FH3 and FH4 compare them at launch, FH3 launched as the full wedding cake and didn't need anything adding to the base game, FH4 launched as a lop-sided sponge with weird clothes and ridiculous dances inside it.
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#47 Posted : Friday, May 10, 2019 5:27:01 AM(UTC)

I appreciate your well written comments, and couldn't agree more with your assessment.

Thank you
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#48 Posted : Monday, June 3, 2019 6:08:10 AM(UTC)
Well, this thread needs some serious comparing for a hot button issue like this.

In FH3, you have dozens of Cars that either didn’t make the Cut in Horizon 4 or were cut from Forza Entirely, some of my Favorites that didn’t make the cut include: 1986 BMW M635 CSI, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS, 2014 Chevrolet SS, 1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z, 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8, 2013 Dodge Dart GT, 2015 Ford Falcon XR8, 2013 Ford Focus ST, 1995 Ford SVT Cobra R, 1996 HSV GTSR, 2012 Infiniti IPL G Coupe, 1996 Subaru SVX, and the 2015 Volvo S60 Polestar.
I Didn’t list Tesla and Toyota vehicles because they both stated that for the time being, they don’t want to be working with Forza... but still, that is quite a huge chunk of vehicles gone for others I’ll never use (Including the Iron Knight)

While it has been said to death that the Sounds are way different for some vehicles in 4 than 3, it is an interesting argument to be made, I Get Turn 10/Playground were working overtime on the game after E3 and People argue that they “Spent more time animating a Flossing Emote than giving the right cars the right engine noises”, Personally I Believe it could’ve been fixed in a Patch, nothing more nothing less.

There is however a few categories where I Value 4 over 3.

Here’s a Neat thing about 4, Clubs are more Prominent instead of just being something to ignore, it’s no longer just a Tag next to your name... you can now chat with your teammates, Share Captures, just Do whatever you could do before in an Xbox Live Group.

While I receive a Massive Disappointment for either winning Rain boots or a Skirt for the Upteenth time, I Do Like the fact you can give your avatar some style, even if a ton of the player base tries to make it as silly as possible (psst, I am too... I’ve been trying to get that crash dummy morphsuit Item :) )

Horizon Bass Arena has not been in the best of conditions since 2, with it basically becoming a Clone of BBC Radio 1 since 2 (A bad thing considering BBCR1 Began to suck around the same time), 3 Having the worst of Bass Arena’s Soundtracks. Pulse did Pick up the ball Bass Arena Dropped In 4, by being better than BA, Both however still being far from 1’s soundtrack tho.

And... that’s about it, I like both for their own quirks features and properties, now if you excuse me I’m gonna go mess around with my Tesla in FH3.
Happy Driving!

Playing Forza Since Motorsport 3, Huge Horizon Fan.
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#49 Posted : Tuesday, October 15, 2019 5:01:10 PM(UTC)
I recon horizon 3 is much better
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#50 Posted : Wednesday, November 27, 2019 1:53:42 PM(UTC)
fh3 has much more varied terrain, festivals that can be upgraded, and hilarious bugs. However, fh4 has bland texture, one do-nothing-with-it festival, and hilarious bugs, as well as a route creator which can be used to leave the map. I cannot say which is better.
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