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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Friday, September 28, 2018 11:44:38 AM(UTC)
I've been quite frustrated with this game considering I preordered it for $100...

First of all, this game has been giving me performance issues on my gaming laptop, with the specs as follows:

GTX 1060 6 GB (laptop, remember)
i7-8750h @ 2.2 GHz
Windows 10

My game runs in the 70-80 frames range (according to Forza's FPS display, which seems to be false because it actually feels like sub-50), but I can notice this slight stuttering, especially when driving fast. It almost feels like the game is slowing down for a fraction of a second, sometimes freezing all the way or creating a slow-effect. This makes the game somewhat not enjoyable.

It's almost like the world is loading in as I'm playing, which is causing the game to lag?

Now, the game doesn't start at all, and crashes at the splash screen when running it from all methods (Windows store, search bar, etc.)

I had Afterburner and rivatuner installed but uninstalling both did nothing, and my game kept crashing.

Really? Does anyone have a fix for this?