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#1 Posted : Friday, September 28, 2018 9:48:58 AM(UTC)
Hello. After the close in general discussion here is the new topic.

I think after FM 7 there are some problem with exhaust crackles, i liked the update in FM 7.
I think playground used some old files (they didnt have time) and i hope they will repair this.
My list:
Audi r8 10 plus 2016: crackles are missing, the engine sounds a little artificial. (in fm 7 it is beautifull one of my favourite)
Lambo Huracan: crackles missing and a little synthetic (much better in fh3, fm7)
Audi rs7, rs6: engine sound ok but crackles missing (fm 7 nice)
Mercedes c 63 amg black: crackles missing (ok in fm7)
So farr....
I mean these V beasts should roar and crackle. There are awesome crackle sounds in the game (oh the nissan gtr 35) and i think they didnt have enough time for them but these cars needs the update very much. I appreciate the work with the sounds there are improvements (Focus RS, Subaru WRX etc.) but these iconic cars needs the same quality.