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Rank: Driver's License
#1 Posted : Friday, September 28, 2018 9:16:53 AM(UTC)
Hey.. I love the forza games, but since i bought a steeringwheel + playseat i have been playing assetto corsa project cars etc as racing games.
Now iam playing FH4 and i fffff love it!! the only thing that really needs to get some love and attention in this game is the force feedback it feels like some one just spend 5 mins to implement ffb into fh4.
there is no real feel of the car in the ffb it all feels like u running on ice with the occasional bump no real input from the car.
Example if u drift and go sideways your steering just feels weak and when the car wants to turn back you dont feel a thing in your wheel! dont get me wrong there is FFB but it just feels verybasic..
i love drifting i can do that for hours and hours on a daily basis like in assetto corsa i can drift away without problems because i can feel what the car does while sliding when it gets grip back so i can clutch -> gas and dump it to keep it in a slide or even, but u feel nothing in fh4 , its just a bit of FFB with no real input!

hope you guys update the FFB soon man if i could feel what the car really wants to do in the ffb i could drift in fh4 all day xD.