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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 26, 2018 11:40:00 AM(UTC)

I am experiencing a controller issue with Forza Horizon 4 demo and my Xbox Controller on my PC. I have confirmed my PC is up to date, along with my drivers and controler.I have tried deleting and reinstalling the demo back to my PC, including PC restarts between the deleting and reinstallation of Forza Horizon 4 Demo.
Under the settings I can see the controller listed in the options, and shows controller keys when i navigate the menu selections but, I still cannot use this controller with the demo.
I am able to use my Xbox Controller with my laptop, however my laptop cannot run Forza Horizon 4 demo in Max settings.
Please help so that I am able to use my Xbox Controller with the Forza Horizon 4 demo.

Thanks in advance!


Computer Info:

Laptop is medium i5, gtx 965m and 8gb ddr4(idk frequency of ram). Pc is 1060 6gb oc (stable ofc), i5 8600k, 16gb ddr4 3333hz.