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#251 Posted : Sunday, August 9, 2020 5:51:59 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: HeadRusch1 Go to Quoted Post
Saw the video, make sure you are using a direct connect to the PC and not going through a hub, I've had trouble using hubs for wheel inputs in the past. A dedicated USB Extension Cable (go cheap get a 2.0 or slower, even) going into a slower USB 2.0 port (or even the mouse/keyboard ports on the back of the PC's motherboard) works best for me, but most pc's still have a couple of USB 2.0 ports available.

Also, you've downloaded and installed the Thrustmaster Control Panel app correct? How does that report the wheel. PS: If the mode + L/R paddle doesn't do anything for you (it should make the the little light near the button flash once, twice, three times etc......) try holding MODE and then using the d-pad l/r instead.

Just an FYI when using a PC The "mode button plus paddle" sensitivity feature (I think there are four modes) doesn't do anything. It only works on console as per Thrustmaster's web site.
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#252 Posted : Tuesday, August 11, 2020 6:26:04 AM(UTC)
Apologies, at the time I posted my earlier message I didn't realize that was only available when connected to an XBOX.
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#253 Posted : Sunday, December 13, 2020 1:27:46 AM(UTC)
I need to clarify something, if someone knows this for sure...

I am using a pc with clubsport 2.5 where you can put the fanatec driver wheel rotation setting to "auto" meaning the software adapts the actual car wheel rotation to this setting.

So is this feature supported in fh4 or not?
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#254 Posted : Sunday, December 13, 2020 8:27:33 AM(UTC)
Don't own a fanatec but do you have FH4 and, under advanced wheel settings, do you see the adjustment slider?
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#255 Posted : Sunday, December 13, 2020 1:29:29 PM(UTC)
Maybe i am mistaken but i think it is not supported, auto equals 900 for fh4, all the cars seem to have the same wheel rotation no matter what.
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#256 Posted : Monday, December 14, 2020 2:31:17 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: gamerboy3253 Go to Quoted Post
Forza Horizon 4 - Thrustmaster T300RS GT - PC Windows 10 - Recommended Settings

I have tried several settings suggested by various posts from the internet but cannot make the wheel to work smoothly. I can drive the car at around 80 MPH but whenever there is a turn the car skids and the car becomes totally uncontrollable and goes for a spin. Can someone suggest me best possible settings for this wheel?

Wheel: Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition
Forza Horizon 4
OS: Windows 10

Did you find a solution or a preset for the wheel. I really want to know
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#257 Posted : Thursday, January 28, 2021 12:59:09 PM(UTC)
Hi guys.

I really need help with fine tuning the settings for my wheel.


If I´m using the keyboard I "rule" all races, but using the wheel doesn´t feel right.

In Forza Motorsport 7 there doesn´t seem to be any problems.

Maybe there´s someone inhere with a thrustmaster wheel that can share settings?


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#258 Posted : Tuesday, March 23, 2021 10:49:33 AM(UTC)
Hi just got my Thrustmaster T150 wheel and i was wondering what settings do you guys use for drifting?

I'm completely new to sim and have some troubles setting it up for drifting
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#259 Posted : Friday, March 26, 2021 12:34:27 AM(UTC)
Forza horizon 4 is my favourite game and i have a bought a numskull pro steering and wonder if anyone can email me or help me with any suitable settings as i have tried everything
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#260 Posted : Wednesday, March 31, 2021 6:36:41 AM(UTC)
I use a Thrustmaster TMX, here are the most recent settings that I've found make a difference for me. With a wheel, I go for a "forza motorsport 7" vibe, not an arcade/drifting/controller/OUTRUN like feel. With not a lot of road in FH4 I want to make the cars feel as unique (challenging) as possible, without making them cartoonishly easy/hard to enjoy driving.

My wheel is at its maximum possible rotation of 900 degrees. If you are on Xbox and you mess around with the MODE button on the base of the wheel (using mode + dpad to change the rotation angle) these settings may feel wrong. Basically I know I am dialed in when, in cockpit mode in FH4, my wheel turns in real life at the same rate as the wheel is turning on the dashboard in game.

IN DIFFICULTY MENU: Make sure Traction and Stability controls are all set to "OFF"

I know, the controversy is erupting, but trust me...if you are using a wheel, and want a more simcade experience you *need* this set to Simulation and not Normal steering. Normal steering is going to make all your wheel settings feel wrong somehow. You'll keep fiddling with FFB, with Understeer/Oversteer, and on and on, but in reality its the warm, fuzzy blanket that "Normal" steering will throw over all your wheel input settings that is problematic. When you turn on SIM steering you get tighter turn-in, but you're going to learn quickly that not all cars are created equally :) Use your brakes, manage your throttle through a turn, and enjoy a more rewarding wheel experience.


1) Turn Damper down to 5 to 10.
This setting will drastically (for me, anyhow) eliminate you spinning out. Near as i can tell at its default setting, it masks the feeling of the car (on the TMX anyhow) losing grip in turns and by the time you start to feel the wheel go light its already much too late to correct, so you spin. Turning this one setting down has the biggest effect in "fixing" what most people complain about with default wheel settings in this (and other forza) games. Don't turn it off, turn it down low.

2) Turn Center Spring down to 5.
This setting is for wheels that I believe are older, with very weak motors, that won't process the FF to re-center the wheel as the car gets rolling again...or something. Kind of a strange and somewhat useless setting. Turn it down low, but not off.

3) Turn DOWN Vibration to something like 5-20.
Purists say to turn this off, but I think the only way you'll feel your ABS working is if you turn this on to some small level (also wheel hop on strong launches). Default is too much (particularly if you venture off road) but a setting like the above will give you more fidelity and make the game more immersive.

4) FFB Scale: Leave it at 50 (default) for now.
This will largely depend on the wheel you are using and how much force it actually generates. This is just how much force you want the wheel to use when doing its thing. I currently have mine set to 65 or 75, but if you're looking for a baseline, leave it at 50. This is the setting you experiment with when everything else is dialed-in.

5) FFB Understeer: I set mine to 50.
Why? Dunno, just seems to work. I prefer 50 to 60 as opposed to 40-50.

6) FF Minimum Force: Defaults to 30?
I tend to put this at 40 to 50. This is like how light the wheel is when you aren't doing a lot of aggressive driving, so when the FFB effects aren't punching through its what the wheel is putting out while you're meandering around. I call a setting of 40 "Normal mode" and a setting of 50 or 55 "Sport Mode" if that makes any sense. Currently I have it left at 50.

7) WHEEL ROTATION ANGLE: I set mine at max. If you really want to make the wheel feel tighter (the FFB kicks in closer to your wheels dead-zone at center) you can try it at 700 or thereabouts.
BUT....anything below like 600 and the game feels like an arcade cabinet, and less like a sim of 'average to above-average cars'. I guess this is a good setting if you don't want to have to move your wheel as much and you want a faster more controller-like experience, set the wheel rotation lower.

PS: After writing the white-paper above for the good of all humanity and this forum....I went back and was playing around with my settings. I realize that for me, I honestly could play with these things for days at at time and still go back and want to tweak this, and that, and this again....tec.

I have decided to set my FFB Understeer very low to 10 or 20. I left my FF Min Force at 30-40 and my FFB at 50 to 60. Spent enough time driving around the map just testing how this 'felt' that the Gas Gauge on my M5 went from Full to Empty :) No, you don't run out of gas/petrol. Yes there should be gas stations on the map in FH5 and if you run out of petrol without refueling (which should also theoretically make your car faster with less fuel) you should have to pay for a tow..and suffer the indignity of not being able to quick travel :)


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#261 Posted : Friday, April 2, 2021 4:06:25 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Brisk Brew Brah Go to Quoted Post
I have a thrust master tmx. Been using it FH3 and it feels great on that game. And it feels great on Motorsport 7. But while playing the demo I feel like the oversteer is too much. The car is spinning out of control waaay too much, and I feel like I’m bad. But when I play with my controller everything is fine. For example, coming out of the quarry on the spring showcase, I can go full throttle on the controller. If I do that with the wheel it will spin out of control. Or every time I run through mud/water with the wheel I just lose control. Any solutions?

The demo isn't the game and stuff in the demo doesn't have the fixes, upgrades and tweaks that the main game does.

The controls are also different with a wheel and I know that sounds absurdly obvious but... The best way to put it is the game seems to dial the realism up a couple of clicks which is probably why you are having an issue coming out of the quarry.

With a controller there are more hidden assists to make driving easier. Basically all driving games that support controller and a wheel do this and it's really for the best.

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